Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Obama's Happy Talk: Jobs For Americans Disappear

(Special thanks to Bloody Mary and the cast and crew of South Pacific)

Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?

Happy Talk!

Load of Hooeyville, USA – Still clinging to that happy-talk old saw which deceptively dictates that educated American citizens deserve to watch their wages (sans healthcare) plummet due to outsourcing/insourcing (h/t Toni Bowers at TechRepublic) AND owe what's left of this country's jobs to imported workers from India, courtesy a few profiteering CEOs and enabling politicians joined at the hip?

The Capital Times reports this week how Obama's “pretty-close-to-clueless economic team peddled the absurd spin” that the current “recession” MIGHT be easing. But the zillion dollar bailout question is this: How do U.S. CEOs and politicians sleep at night when they sell off U.S. jobs to foreign workers for reduced quality and personal profit?

According to the Times, the Obama team is now down to plying the plebs with happy talk:

A month ago, when the jobless rate was edging toward 9 percent, it was clear that the most serious challenge facing the Obama administration was rising unemployment.

Unfortunately, Obama's pretty-close-to-clueless economic team peddled the absurd spin that because the rate of increase in the official total of out-of-work Americans had slowed somewhat in May, the current recession might be easing. That happy talk dulled the sense of urgency, and the White House let another month pass without focusing seriously.
That was a bad mistake.

During the month of June, 467,000 more Americans lost their jobs.”

Oh, the happy talk couldn't come at a better time (channeling Sam Kinneson, here) as Computerworld's Patrick Thibodeau today reports Electrical Engineers See Job Losses At Record Levels (8.6% and climbing) while WashTech reminds us how millions of unemployed, educated Americans are kicked to the curb as IBM Abandons US Workforce for more burnt fries!

Rob Sanchez's latest Job Destruction Newsletter provides an excellent analysis of Thibodeau's article below as he explains the relationship between how rapidly rising EE unemployment and the importation of foreign engineers to take American jobs is related to H-1B visa and green card holders alike. In other words, call it what you will – call it the 'Fog a Mirror' Visa – but eliminating the disastrous H-1B visa program will not halt American job losses if it is replaced exclusively with green card holders taking jobs as long as U.S. CEOs and politicians continue to profit. Sanchez writes:

Patrick Thibodeau got in a good jab at IEEE in the last paragraph of his

new Computerworld article. His remark is a bit misleading though, because

the IEEE has criticized H-1B in the past while at the same time supporting

unlimited importation of foreign engineers with instant green cards visas.

They refuse to make any connection at all between EE unemployment and the

importation of foreign engineers.

It's interesting to note that there are still plenty of H-1B visas

available for fiscal year 2010. As many as 20,000 visas are up for grabs

that count towards the cap. It seems that companies aren't even hiring



As of July 3, 2009, approximately 45,000 H-1B cap-subject petitions

and approximately 20,000 petitions qualifying for the advanced

degree cap exemption had been filed. USCIS will continue to accept

both cap-subject petitions and advanced degree petitions until a

sufficient number of H-1B petitions have been received to reach the

statutory limits, taking into account the fact that some of these

petitions may be denied, revoked, or withdrawn.

Last year it took just a few days to give out all 65,000 visas, and in FY

2008 it took only a day. So far the stampede for visas that H-1B advocates

were predicting hasn't happened -- and yet corporations continue to claim

that the cap must be raised in order to avoid a national emergency.

So, is the slowdown in H-1B hiring good news or bad for American engineers?

In my opinion the trend doesn't bode well for American high tech workers

because they usually have to wait in the back of the line for jobs until

all of the H-1B visas are used up. If employers aren't hiring H-1Bs they

aren't hiring American engineers either. Last year high-tech workers

started to find job opportunities -- but only after the cap was reached.”

American high tech workers have to wait in the back of the line for jobs until all of the foreign workers are recruited BECAUSE? There is no better political moment than during this Depression 2.0 for the Democrats and Obama to take a page from Donald Trump and inform India, Inc. that THEY'RE FIRED!

Talk about the boy sayin' to the girl:
"Golly, baby, I'm a lucky cuss"
Talk about the girl sayin' to the boy:
"You an' me is lucky to be us!"


It's NOT the Economy, Stupid. It's YOUR JOB!”


Peter of Lone Tree said...

Still thy beating heart!
Benny the Dip will save the day!:
From profits to ethics: pope calls for a new political and financial world order.
Now, now, it's merely cynical to speculate that Benny is just wondering what his piece of the action is going to be in the NWO.

JerseyCynic said...

one of my ABSOLUTE all time favorite songs tt!!

great analysis

2Truthy said...

Hey, good for the Pope for getting this one right. Now, WHERE IS OUR MEDIA AND THE DEMOCRATS FOR NOT BLASTING JOB OUTSOURCING, the lynch pin of globalization's disastrous effects on our citizens right here???

But yeah, what is in it now for Vatican City, I wonder. The only thing I can think of is that the RC Church's birth control policy really wrecked the Italian economy over the past 20 years since Italian companies just like here, started outsourcing jobs for cheap labor. Now, old Popey looks out the Vatican window and sees that the locals have not been able to afford to have kids, and that this (not the RC stpid birth control policy) is the reason for Italy's economic demise.

Haha! JC, isn't this the best? I love this movie and the song - I used to sing it just like she does, hand gestures etc. to my son whenever he looked down. As far as I can tell, he's normal today ...;)