Monday, July 20, 2009

Healthcare Reform: Let's Play Good Cop/Bad Cop!

(Special thanks to the immortal Man in Black)
...we are a country that chooses the harder right over the easy wrong."
-President Barack Obama, on healthcare “reform”
Will Obama Choose the "Hard Right"?

Haha! Barry speaks in ominous parables...

Will the “harder Right” prevail in this life or death struggle for over eighty million Americans without access to quality healthcare? While Obama demands Congress move quickly on healthcare reform, he revealed today that “we are a country that chooses the harder right over the easy wrong.” The man either got that right or he speaks with forked tongue. In this case, the “easy wrong” would likely be Single Payer or any form of universal healthcare that would benefit U.S. citizens and stick it to an industry (Insurance and EHR) that profits off of the death and demise of Americans and the costly, privacy invasive gov't. mandated record/data mining technology that forces Americans to subsidize fat technocrats. (BTW - corporations developing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are notorious outsourcers/insoucers.)
As LWOH reported here and here and here, The Obama healthcare “reform” plan is a costly payday for Stimulus bill, AARA sucking technocrats and DOES NOTHING to provide smart, affordable healthcare to American citizens as would Single Payer, as discussed by Ralph Nader in his recent essay Single Payer Taboo.

The “harder Right” is indeed holding fast in the Senate debate against healthcare reform, and Obama's bipartisan, One Big Party of Money healthcare reform plan to enrich his techno-elite buddies at Micrsoft, Google and Oracle to develop patient record snoop technology DOES NOT PROVIDE HEALTHCARE for our citizenry. If only Obama would ditch those Old Colonial sleazoids, but nooooo...

Steve Lendeman also explains who Obama is truly looking out for in his recent article Obamacare - A Health Care Rationing Scheme to Enrich Insurers, Drug Companies and Large Hospital Chains and lifts the veil behind what he describes as the “facade of reform”:

Obama and leading Democrats ruled universal, single-payer coverage off the table before debate even began. Instead they've focused on taxing more, rationing care, placing profits above human need, disdaining vital change, shifting the cost burden to individuals and requiring everyone to be insured; imposing fines up to $1000 for non-compliance, and making a broken system even worse.

On June 10, Physicians for a National Health Program advisor Walter Tsou told the House Education and Labor Committee:

"Attempting to reconcile the dual imperatives of universal coverage and cost control through alternative methods besides single payer is an exercise in futility. When some congressional leaders declare that single payer is off the table, they are in effect saying that insurers will be protected, leaving the pain to patients, taxpayers and health care providers."”

There are TWO crucial changes that must be implemented in the U.S. for America's white collar middle class to survive:

  1. Stop outsourcing/insourcing American jobs to India (If Americans had good paying jobs adjusted with rising costs, affording healthcare would not be a problem)

  2. Provide Single Payer heathcare for U.S. citizens – everybody in, nobody out

Is Obama committed to standing up for the citizens of this country or he just another crooked president, ready and willing to serve his elitist, technocrat frat boys club at the expense of America's middle class?

THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF “EAT SHIT AND DIE” is pulling out all the stops this week on healthcare “reform.” Let the good cop/bad cop games begin! This week, the healthcare reform pro-con TV ads begin, while the Dems roll out the concerned 'mommy' with abused housewife denial syndrome (see Ted Kennedy's moving plea for healthcare reform) and the GOP plays the fiscally conservative 'daddy' who would rather hold onto his wallet and watch his grown, unemployed son die of AIDS than admit access to jobs and preventative care could have saved him. By now, the plebes are onto the fact that the BOSS (Pharma/Insurance/Tech lobbies and their global paymasters) says “no way, you whiny, middle class Americans – get over yourselves...From the LA Times (emphasis mine“good cop/bad cop”) article below:

GOOD COP (President Obama, D-White House): "We always knew that passing healthcare reform wouldn't be easy," he (Obama) said today. "There is a tendency toward inertia in this town. . . . But we are a country that chooses the harder right over the easy wrong."
BAD COP (GOP): “The Republican National Committee, airing a new TV ad opposing the president's healthcare plans and launching a website accusing Obama of experimenting with the nation's economy -- -- is waging a campaign of its own.
"We do not allow one political leader to risk our healthcare system," RNC Chairman Michael Steele said in an address today at the National Press Club in Washington. "It is time to hit the pause button on this administration's reckless experiment with America's economy and our healthcare system."

Got that? Mommy talks a good game, but daddy just has to say “no” while poor Barry walks away after four years with lousy approval ratings and a boatload of goodies...Meanwhile, what will the Dems do now? Where will all of their disillusioned, unemployed, sick and huddled masses at the Kool-Aid stands without access to quality healthcare go? The GOP? HA! 

If Obama were truly serious about making healthcare available to all, he would demand it and stand up for it. But it looks more like business as usual, with U.S. taxpayer, leeching, global elites (and deft facilitation by U.S. Dem and Repub politicans who profit) have decided to kill off what's left of America's white collar middle class by denying them real access to affordable, quality health care. While Hillary is likely profiteering from her 24/7 Mumbai Monsoon Moves visit to India by giving away what's left of American white collar jobs to India, Obama's approval ratings are simultaneously plummeting. 

And Americans are waking up to smell this sewer of good cop/bad cop tactics against middle class Americans from the One Big Money Party - the Democrats and their craven twin, the GOP. Despite the fact that now, more than ever would be the BEST political moment for the Dems to seize the day by standing up for U.S. workers and for U.S. healthcare, is the smart money on that play?

Wouldn't it be grand if Obama would tell these backbiters to all go to hell? It's not like he doesn't have the people of America behind him or anything...

Party on, plebes! Keep on throwing roses at those adorable kissing cousins, HilBama!


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2Truthy's Top Ten Little-Known Items In President Obama's Stripped Down Pro-Evil Insurance Lobby, Have-Have Not “Public Option” Healthcare Plan


Reusable tongue depressors.

Free colonoscopy with oil change.

New drive-up window for prostate exams.

Breast implant specials: Buy One Get One Free.

Free hot dogs with every in-office vasectomy.

Barney Frank to become new Czar of Prostate Exams.

Haggling over the price of surgery will be encouraged.

Anesthesiology optional on ALL surgeries!

Genetically Modified sperm ONLY available (unless accompanied by a note from your candy-ass Insurance Lobbyist.)

Swine-flu patients (who survive) are eligible for exclusive “Pigs Don't Kill People 2009-2010” tattoo featuring a signed photo of LWOH celebrity guest blogger, Quincy.