Thursday, July 30, 2009

Top Ten Little Known Items In Obama's Healthcare Plan

2Truthy's Top Ten Little-Known Items In President Obama's Stripped Down Pro-Evil Insurance Lobby, Have-Have Not “Public Option” Healthcare Plan

  1. Reusable tongue depressors.

  2. Free colonoscopy with oil change.

  3. New drive-up window for prostate exams.

  4. Breast implant specials: Buy One Get One Free.

  5. Free hot dogs with every in-office vasectomy.

  6. Barney Frank to become new Czar of Prostate Exams.

  7. Haggling over the price of surgery will be encouraged.

  8. Anesthesiology optional on ALL surgeries!

  9. Genetically Modified sperm ONLY available (unless accompanied by a note from your candy-ass Insurance Lobbyist.)

  10. Swine-flu patients (who survive) are eligible for exclusive “Pigs Don't Kill People 2009-2010” tattoo featuring a signed photo of LWOH celebrity guest blogger, Quincy.

Are Liberal Net Roots Groups Helping Obama Fail? This is the question that Jeff Cohen asks today at the Huffington Post. He writes:

To win serous reforms, we need activist leaders who are tough-minded progressives making maximum demands for reforms that truly address our nation's problems. Leave the inside-the-Beltway deal-making to the politicians, properly frightened and moved by the roar of mass movements.

We need activist leaders who have a clearer idea of who Obama is. He's not one of us. He's one of them -- a politician bent on placating corporate interests. We knew all we needed to know about his current worldview from all the corporatists he put in top jobs.”

Cohen's article is one that should be featured on every front page MSM publication and so-called “progressive” blog in the sphere, as he is one of the few journalists today (associate professor of journalism at Ithaca College, founder of FAIR, and former board member of Progressive Democrats of America) who understands the difference between supporting a compromised weak “public option” plan and true healthcare reform via Single Payer. Cohen writes:

“As things stand now, as writers like Bob Kuttner and Norman Solomon have warned, a weak public option would institutionalize a two-tiered system with healthier, wealthier citizens getting the best (private) plans, and sicker, harder-to-treat people getting an inferior (public) plan. Newt Gingrich couldn't dream up a better scenario to discredit an enhanced government role in health care.”

Obama needs a bump from millions of Americans to support his doctor (see video above) along with over 450,000 OTHER doctors who all know what most of us know: that anything less than Single Payer will create a have and have-not, two tier healthcare caste system that benefits the Insurance Lobby and NOT us. In addition, the watered down public option will require everyone to make mandatory payments to corrupt insurance companies whose death-dealing business model is to profit off of the suffering of human beings. END THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY NOW and help President Obama achieve a win for us and a win for his presidency by supporting Single Payer NOW!

When it comes to figuring just who exactly is going to get the job done of bringing true healthcare reform for all, Cohen believes that we need more “activist leaders” who understand Obama's political limitations, as he reminds us that the president is motivated by his corporatist paymasters and enablers first:

We need activist leaders who have a clearer idea of who Obama is. He's not one of us. He's one of them -- a politician bent on placating corporate interests. We knew all we needed to know about his current worldview from all the corporatists he put in top jobs.”

Who will lead this “Progressive Pitchfork Posse” (2Truthy TM) so badly overdue to demand ridding this country of what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dubbed as the “immoral” and “evil” insurance industry for a Single Payer overhaul?

Michael Moore has a few excellent suggestions here for everyone to help make healthcare a human right available to all Americans here.



Anonymous said...

Too bad Nancy Pelosi sure knows how hit the right buzzwords without making the right stuff happen, but Cohen clearly summarizes this crucial point:
It is certainly NOT the right who will do this. That's why activists on the left must recognize Obama the politician's compromising position and move to the hard left in order to get a plan (single payer) that works. Has everyone forgotten the lesson learned from the Clinton's Hillary's failed attempt? Thanks for the Michael Moore link- this is one guy who knows something about healthcare reform and also about the status quo perks that prevent lawmakers on both sides of the aisle from ever passing single payer.

2Truthy said...

The right buzzwords, yep. Like 'lobbyist'?

I really admired Hillary for her knowledge, passion, dedication and work - yes WORK on healthcare reform. This is where Obama is different. He appears to want meaningful reform but isn't passionate and/or smart/capable to roll up his sleeves and commit to getting the job done. You have to wonder what Hillary is thinking now. Cat eating the canary comes to mind...

How could Obama make the same mistake as the Clintons did in the nineties to NOT DEMAND Single Payer? They didn't have the internet to get viral with support for this thing as does Obama, so what gives? There's more to it than "oh, he doesn't want to give up bennies from the insurance lobby."
Sure, he wants the post WH $$ that siding with the Insurance Industry will bring him. Isn't that the nature of the job as POTUS, to seek the big post-WH luxury retirement payout? Where's all that Insurance loot going to 'slosh to' if Single Payer were suddenly enacted? The CCX? Waxman Markey barely eeked through, and the glboal trade of carbon credits is for now a nascent market. That's the rub for Barry, whose stealth tech/lobby Goldman Sach$ sponsors are active in the wealth transfer. (If the little Obots only knew their climate change heroes don't really have their best interests at heart...) The longer he can drag out/put off meaningful healthcare reform (expanded Medicare for all) the better the health of his post WH portfol$o as backroom deals with Big Oil and Energy get hammered out.

Until then, it's just the same old 'Plebes be damned with your needy healthcare' while guys like Chris Dodd's prostate will get 'A' class care.

Chip Coltan said...

Funny stuff. Do you write for Letterman?

This Top 10 list perfectly depicts what's in store with Bamacare. And don't hold your breath for Single Payer. The Democrats with their Hail Mary pass "public option" have their white board filled with public relations sob stories about the big, bad Republicans.