Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obama's Plan to Bankrupt Middle Class: The Nitty Gritty

(Very special thanks to the fabulous Shirley Ellis)
Obama's Health Insurance/Tech Giveaway Bankrupts America's Middle Class
As Obama clings to his sushi, insurance and tech BFF's, his frenzied summons today We cannot wait on healthcare reveals a soulless determination to destroy this country's middle class as he panders to his welfare base at the bottom and at the corporate welfare top. The middle? Who needs 'em? Is his “health” plan to bankrupt America's educated middle class (h/t Matt Taibbi) with a health insurance/tech industry giveaway the bold “transparency” he promised? In Obamaspeak, if America's educated middle class won't “get over themselves”, then he'll just wipe 'em out for 'em. Get on down with that? It's time for middle class America – everyone, from tea partiers to deluded proggy bloggers to independents to get right down to the real nitty gritty about this Bush 2.0 soulless, Middle Class Destroyer In-Chief and the One Big Party of Money he rode in on. Before Sarah Palin does - who already got the middle class Third Party memo.
The Obama (Pretty Shitty) Nitty Gritty
Yeah, mmm, yeah
Do you know that some folks know about it, some don't
Some will learn to shout it, some won't
But sooner or later Barry, here's a ditty
Say your insurance plan is “health care” that LIE is pretty shitty

Now let's get right on down that it's pretty shitty
Now one, two PRETTY SHITTY
Now yeah, mmm, pretty shitty now
Ooooowee, your INSURANCE plan is really pretty shitty.

Ooooowee, your plan bankrupts the middle class, I keep repeatin'
Get right down that it's REAL pretty shitty
Say MIDDLE CLASS gets a double beatin'
Get on down, bankrupting the middle class is REAL pretty shitty.

Let's get, let's get right on down that it's REAL pretty shitty.
One, two pretty shitty

You are tight, you are tight
With Big Pharma, you'll get karma
Your zipper's down and that's REAL pretty shitty
Listen to me now
Oooowee, ooowee

Come on and see the middle class toll
While the insurance thugs plug your soul
Double beatin', keep repeatin'
Your insurance plan sucks big-time and it's REAL pretty shitty
Your zipper's down, get outta town
Talkin' about your plan is shitty
Get on down, GET OUTTA TOWN!

Sing out loud!
Baucus and his American job outsourcing gang of insurance/tech thugs have whipped up one helluva towel snapping formula for bankrupting the educated middle class with Obama's urgent “health care” reform plan. This “health care” plan will give away American middle class IT/EHR jobs to India and mandates unaffordable policy premiums to reward insurance thugs instead of paying directly to doctors and hospitals while it downgrades care delivery. Let's not forget about the tax czar's mandatory insurance fines...
Party on, plebes!

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