Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09: Obama's Healthcare Speech

-Public Option, OBO-

(Special thanks to the talented and healthcareless father, Lee Stranahan)

If the Lord wanted everybody to have health coverage, he would not have outsourced all their jobs.”

-President Obama, National “Truth Serum” Healthcare Speech-


Nein. nein, nein...No smart, cost effective/quality delivery healthcare for you, plebes! Obama is the Sales Guy in Chief responsible for selling YOUR health care and YOUR jobs out to the highest bidder.

In America, it's eBay, baby! ALL the time.

No safety nets for you, college educated, middle class plebes! The formula? Easy peasy. Jobs get outsourced (sold), you get sick, go broke, live under bridge. Kapiche? Comprende? Versteht?

Here are a few health care reform questions, anyway, for the VSP TV heads to ask the nation's leader tonight:

  1. Where DID all that insurance/tech/pharma campaign contribution cash that you, Ben Nelson, Max Baucus got from the insurance lobby go? Are you building bunkers in Paraguay?Dubai? (Sorry for the long question.)

  2. Blanch Lincoln's top health care advisor from 2000 to 2007 now works as the TOP Democratic lobbyist for Blue Cross Blue Shield which occupied a 75% market share in her native Arkansas.

Why is that legal?

  1. Why don't you just call it the “private option” overhaul and be done with it?

  2. Why did you oppose gay marriage? (question submitted by “The Gay Swami”)

  3. Single Payer is the most cost effective/quality delivery option, so why deep six it?

  4. Why must there by over 1,00+ pages to hold sleazy, for-profit insurance companies accountable?

  5. Who is going to pay for health care for over 320M people when you keep outsourcing our jobs?

  6. If people don't have jobs, why are you hellbent on creating a U.S. corporate welfare queen state?

  7. Is Max Baucus gay? (question submitted by “The Gay Swami”)

  8. Why can't you (the better speaker) start kicking Sarah Parah's ass with this “death panel” hooey?

  9. Why pretend there would even be reform “compromise” with Grassley or any Republican?

  10. Do you have balls?

  11. If so, can we please see them? (another question submitted by “The Gay Swami”)

  12. Without Single Payer, anything less is a taxpayer funded subsidy for the insurance/tech lobbies. Why are you a fascist?

  13. Why do you support war profiteering and no bid orgasms in the illegal 8 year Afghan real estate grab and why all the man lust in corporate America & Congress? (AGAIN – question submitted by “The Gay Swami”)

  14. Whose best side do we shove a garden hose up for that $3,800 mandatory healthcare insurance fine that I'm not paying? (FINAL and last question submitted by "The Gay Swami")

Citizens' health in America, like imported, human labor to take our jobs and drive down wages, is for sale to the most sociopathic, corporate and politico bidder. Whose government is this, anyway? Hos, hacks, and horribly, hopelessly, horrendously insulated members of Congress are circling the wagons to deliver a windfall victo$y to the insurance and tech lobbies. Be proud, bipartisan plebes, who keep voting for these One Big Party of Money hustlers. None of this could get done without your undying allegiance and support. And a few media sycophants.

Nein! Nein! Nein! We don't need to subsidize your stinkin' medical insurance complex.

Single Payer Now.


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