Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clinton Global Initiative Meets Gay Swami Global Grift Initiative

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-Clinton Global Initiative Meets Gay Swami Global Grift Initiative-


-Towel Snapping with a Tantric Twist-

Welcome back to the Gay Swami Times Vol. 1 Issue 9. (Ignore the seamy looking, dog-eared page upper right that we couldn't get fixed. Our latest attempt to outsource the graphics work to a delightfully cheap shop in Hoboken was shut down by the Feds last week.)

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In our last issue Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus (click above link) we explored the naked, climactic truth behind the glorious man lust that greases the skids for U.S. politicians and corporate “thought leaders” to receive our potent elixir of love in the form of PAYOLA by plying our downward doggy trade while bamboozling the U.S. taxpayers. Sometimes it is even criminal - but we don't care, HAHAHAAHA! We don't care because the U.S. voters are so stupid they KEEP voting for our back-sidling friends who will bend over forwards and backwards over and over and over again as long as we keep robbing Peter of U.S. jobs and money to save Vishnu! HAHAHAHA!

In this exciting issue, our adventure takes us to the Clinton Global Initiative in NYC this week, where we probe the depths of man-lust for money as we penetrate the high-priced, promiscuous, full-frontal desires of the State Department leader, BFF Hillary, and others. We examine (AGAIN) how it is so easy to enter the chambers of politicians' nether regions with a checkbook and stolen identities, as ONLY in the nocturnal and wonderful U.S. can the most flexible of crooks get away with buying U.S. elected leaders and “businessmen” - they call it campaign contributions, HAHAHAHA -- as we steal money and jobs from their U.S. taxpaying voters all at the same time!

Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm, we should have named this issue Can't Nobody Do Me Like Allah.

Today, we feature the Clinton's steamy “businessman” from Iran, Hassan Nemazee who performs “favors” with theft, forgery and lies ALSO for Obama AND the biggest climate VC in the love grotto AL GORE - plus the GOP, too! with the Persian bagman's ponzi scheme that involved swindling several major banks out of hundreds of millions of dollars, and then using some of the proceeds to fund political candidates and PACs. He even performed identity theft!

Praise the god of lust, Kama!

The Persian “big donor” Nazeem shows up to “donor events” but they are really "boner events" that typically involve man lust and a big, fat checkbook. Hassan “Tantric Tango” Nemazee goes waaaay, waaaay back to the Big Doggy (who appointed Nemazee as “U.S. Ambassador to Argentina” HAHAHAHA!)

Then, we bare witness to the delightful job practices against American professionals as our BFF, Hillary Clinton, is being sued for age discrimination by a very nice American lady, Elizabeth Colton, whose U.S. Embassy job in Algeria was canned because Hillary thinks she is too old! (Doesn't this nice lady know that Hillary “the Bride of Bangalore's Brothel” Clinton says getting rid of American workers' jobs by discriminating against them in favor of Indians is “friendly competition”?) HAHAHAHAHA! Everybody in America is too old or too stupid to have good jobs (or any) because WE are busy performing fellatio and other slick tricks on the State Department, the POTUS, and all of those dewy CZARS and corporate “leaders” in tight bicycle shorts like dreamy carbon company mogul Al Gore, whom we service with a SMILE and the stolen U.S. taxpayer checkbook!

ONLY in America can we turn such tantric, money and job stealing tricks with blowjobs and stolen checkbooks and identities on these heavenly amoral U.S. political “leaders” and “businessmen” with pleasing, nocturnal odors and emissions who ALLOW us to destroy the American professional middle class people and their economy!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the immortal words of His Black-Holiness:

So many U.S. groins to grift, as the darkness in me blows out the light in you...




Ooooh, Sri Bahucara-Devi is a big NO-NO around here..............

2Truthy said...

There are plenty of multinational companies in the U.S. that professionally staff their organizations to produce quality goods and services. During this time of unprecedented unemployment amongst our educated population, it makes sense to hire our citizens first to fuel corporate and local economic growth. This is the right thing to do, and hopefully the CGI will work towards this ethical goal.