Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top Ten Questions to Ask Sarah Palin Before Blowing $63,500 on Dinner

(Palin Fan Springs $63,500 for Dinner with Ex-Governor)

Top Ten Questions for Sarah Palin
Before Blowing $63.5 K on Dinner

Cathy Maples, a fan of Sarah Palin's recently paid $63,500 to dine with the ex-governor of Alaska. Here are 2Truthy's top ten questions:

  1. Will you be having the arugula moose or the hot dogs?

  2. How many moose will you be having?

  3. Have you returned your campaign wardrobe yet?

  4. If I order the baked Alaska, will you get me some meth from Levi's mom to work off the calories?

  5. What kind of car could I have bought for $63,500 dollars?

  6. Is $63,500 dollars enough for a down payment on Russia?

  7. After dining on $63,500 dollars worth of food, does the constitution guarantee the right to bear fat arms?

  8. Will Tina Fey and the SNL cast & crew be joining us along with the rest of the lower forty-eight?

  9. You think I'm the one who's gonna leave a tip???

  10. Could $63,500 buy you a nose job and full body lipo?


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