Thursday, October 8, 2009

Austan Goolsbee: A Mel Toast Exclusive

Mel Toast Laughs With the Economic Advisor-in-Chief

White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee took home the top prize in the 16th annual "D.C.'s Funniest Celebrity" contest last week.

Goolsbee...Goolsbee...Let's see now, isn't that the fella who discreetly informed the Canadians that Obama was lying about NAFTA during the campaign?

Yes! This is the same Austan Goolsbee who recently said to Stephen Colbert “Don't believe anything the Canadians say” who is now hitting the laugh circuit, rolling out the haha by pulling out that old chestnut of calling Sarah Palin a “wingnut” and of course, just doing that whole side-splitting disciple of Milton Friedman schtick whose economic theories delivered us this world-class, global financial crisis.

Wicked funny!

I can't wait for Goolsbee's next performance where he riffs on the Cheney-Bush “Halliburton” model of turning this place into El Salvador where the haves deploy armed guards to patrol the huge numbers of have-nots in trashed out streets where the ramshackle houses have bars on the windows after all the US citizens whose jobs were sold off to imported Indians are “competing as friends” for near-minimum wage jobs as IT slaves, bed-pan cleaners, and massage therapists. And cut-rate copy writers where the typo now becomes credible.

The financial meltdown and this “recession” that spawned all those toxic assets are all about handing over white collar jobs to cheap imported workers and their homes to the bankers. Toxic Assets aren’t toxic when you earn what you earned when you took out your loans. When your income reduces your ability to pay for things like health care, food, clothing, cars, ice cream, Halloween costumes/decorations, hookers and a decent line of blow, your ability to pay the mortgage typically decreases, too. Or so I've been told.

Does Goolsbee ever pay lip service to the fact that our white collar jobs have been shipped offshore while what's left of them are being given to imported H-1B visa and green card holders as wages plummet? No. Despite the fact that the United States government is not legally required to issue one single H-1B Visa, our country will nonetheless give away ANOTHER 65,000+ US high-technology jobs via the upcoming U.S. CIS H-1B Non-Immigrant lottery. U.S. taxpayers and workers are the biggest rubes in this global house of cards. Not only has imported cheap labor and jobs outsourcing under the myth of a great skilled labor shortage  decimated our purchasing power and destroyed our economy, it has left millions of highly-skilled, well-educated US workers without jobs to ask just who this Democratic controlled government really represents. (Never mind, we already know the answer to that.)

Skull-n-Bones Goolsbee is not the next Krugman. For one thing, he is a center-right economist. Sure, he took McCain apart during the campaign, but he opposes the most economically feasible solution when it comes to health care reform like Single Payer. Funny – how the head White House Economist could be so oblivious. Or, perhaps the joke is on us?



Mel Toast


2Truthy said...

Sorry about the Super-Size-Me video that cuts into The Gay Swami's twitter universe...

Bertrand "Red" Oak said...

Is there anybody in Washington who is not a shameless traitor? I mean, they're now so confident that they can do anything to American citizens without pushback (sadly, not an irrational belief based on current evidence) that they don't even bother with the bullshit and smokescreens anymore.

(Well, maybe there're what? - five or six who aren't. Perhaps they should be identified and issued some sort of identifying badge, that they might be spared, cometh the Day of Reckoning...)

2Truthy said...

RO, Ah yes, the ladder has been pulled up and most of the pols - with the possible exception of "five or six" as you pointed out -- have already latched onto their rung.

I attended a conference/seminar on sustainable green energy jobs/cap and trade issues this week, led by a former politician (D) who has formed a non-profit that seeks to address the white collar jobs displacement issue.

But why do I get this sinking feeling today that despite all the happy talk, the cheap imported labor lobby is already all over this with a new U.S. wage/compensation schedule that will cap these forthcoming green jobs at $18.50 an hour (before shelling out roughly $15K annually for the MANDATORY shitty insurance mafia payola)?

Evelyn "Red" Oak said...

...a new U.S. wage/compensation schedule that will cap these forthcoming green jobs at $18.50 an hour (before shelling out roughly $15K annually for the MANDATORY shitty insurance mafia payola)?

I thought most of the green R&D and manufacturing was already revving up in China, anyway. Giving green tech jobs to Americans is protectionist, you filthy xenophobe.

"Shitty insurance mafia payola". Yup, that pretty succintly describes the royal sodding that's going to be our special reward when the health care deform dust settles. I can hardly wait, I'm so excited.

Anonymous said...

When will he take his road show out here to entertain all us fracked out Pennsylvanians?