Friday, October 2, 2009

Rich Dem, Poor Dem, Beggar Man, THIEF?

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Welcome to Obama's Welfare State Agenda

Is Obama going down in history as the U.S. middle class destroyer?

Things aren't exactly all ice cream day dreams around these Not-so-United States of America, as Thomas Edsall's excellent article Rich Dem, Poor Dem ponders the “class war in Obamaland.”

The article questions the sustainability of the party's efforts to essentially kill off the US middle class as it focuses a long-term coalition that is disproportionately reliant on the far reaches of the income spectrum while it bleeds to death the middle class by selling out US white collar jobs to imported third world workers and robs them blind to support a cadre of insufferable insurance/tech lobby blowhards (h/t/ B'Man). Will the Democrats “redouble their efforts to once again become the party of the middle class” or will corporate insider/party elites continue to bedazzle the horribly deluded, low-income base to believe they are “one of them”? This is the woeful downside to the Democratic base – where the Let Them Eat Cakers meet the I Live in My Mother's Basementers to revel in their mutual lust for all things welfare at the expense of America's middle class.

As never before, the extent to which Democrats are relying on the far extremes of the income spectrum at the bottom and the top to bolster the base is striking. Edsall notes how the middle class has been falling to the bottom:

Democrats have generally performed well among low-income voters in the past, but now, the phenomenon has become more pronounced. Voters from households making less than $30,000 backed Obama by 31 points last November. That margin was 13 points higher than Jimmy Carter’s advantage over Gerald Ford with poor voters in 1976--and 21 points better than Walter Mondale’s advantage among the same demographic in 1984.”

In other words, the Democrats cannot continue to keep performing well among “low income voters” unless they keep creating MORE of them. But without an overhaul of the much overdue, anti-white collar middle class specific policies that Obamaland supports (as much as Repubs) like white collar job (h/t Guest Worker Fraud) and health insurance industry giveways, middle class Dems have no reason to believe that this party will ever represent them. Then again, the Democratic party's cynical branding efforts have increasingly relied on the ideological, exclusive cachet of getting down with the poor...even if it means being robbed by the rich to join them.

Lazy days indeed – especially for the Democratic party corporate welfare crew, blowing plenty of blue skies and sunshine up the skirts of the deluded and downsized who choke on One World smoke.

It's Not the Economy, Stupid. It's YOUR JOB!

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