Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mel Toast: America's Labor Shortage Lie Wake-Up Call

A Mel Toast Wake-Up Call for Deluded Americans

“America Scared to Tell Wife It's Unemployed, Just Sits in Park All Day”
-Hamilton Nolan

A mighty screed from Gawker. Read it.

Americans are hopelessly deluded and passive suckers who would allow their jobs to be given away to imported and outsourced workers in order to feel philanthropic and superior, as do their trickle-up feudal slave masters. What do these cowering, blockheaded fools get in return? What is the source of “progressive” middle class Americans delusion? No matter.

Deceitful, plutocratic-bound corporate and congress creatures who LIE about skilled shortages of American professionals (h/t The Economic Populist) have found their toadies in the “yes man, yes sir” sycophantic pool of dependent, nanny-statist supporting parasites who beat the drum about creating nothing out of thin air and then steal from us what isn't nailed down to the floor.

Dictators - smiling, Machiavellian or Manchu -- like to surround themselves with plenty of lickspittles.

It's time for Revolution.


Melvin Toast

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