Friday, October 29, 2010

2Truthy's Happy Friday Hour LIVE Bridge Benefit Concert with Buffalo Springfield, Pearl Jam, Lucinda Williams and More: TURN UP THE VOLUME!

Buffalo Springfield Headlines Historic 24th Bridge Benefit Concert 2010

Stop, children, what's that sound...Click RIGHT HERE and turn up the volume for the complete live Buffalo Springfield reunion set after 43 years, and well worth the wait.

Last Saturday, yours truly and friends took a trip down to the dump for Neil & Pegi Young's annual 24th Bridge School Benefit Concert for a one-time-in-a-million amazing live acoustic set headlining Buffalo Springfield's first time playing together in 43 years. Awesome, amazing and timeless are mere mortal words that can not come close to describing the sheer magic of being transported there to enjoy the sight and sounds of this historic concert.

It didn't hurt that we had SECTION ONE CENTER ROW stone's throw away from the stage seats, either.

The best part was that Buffalo Springfield played and sounded just like Buffalo Springfield – no strains of Crazy Horse or CS&N or solo Neil Daddy, just straight up Richie Furay (do I have to come right out and say it that Richie looks and sounds so fine as ever?) Stephen Stills and Mr. Weird playing and harmonizing tight and true to the original music.

Rolling Stone called the reunion triumphant:

It has been public knowledge for weeks that the surviving members of Buffalo Springfield were going to reunite at Saturday’s Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, California — but somehow it didn’t seem real until Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay walked onstage and played the opening chords of “On the Way Home.” The three men hadn’t shared a stage together since the final Buffalo Springfield concert in 1968.”

Of their flawless set, I don't think there was a dry eye in the house when Neil Young, before singing my favorite “I am a Child” turned around to the kids on stage and said “This one's for you, kids” and sweetly sang the hell out of it. Oh, to live on planet Neil Young...

As if Buffalo Springfield were not enough, don't even get me started on Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam who brought new meaning to “let's bring this mother fu^king house down” as they preceded Buffalo Springfield with an entirely acoustic set.

MEMO TO PEARL JAM: More acoustic sets!

Keep up with the vocal coach, Eddie! Yours truly has never been a big fan of Pearl Jam, but that all changed last Saturday night when they moved out of their electric zone and played acoustic – a style that really, really compliments Eddie Vedder's natural baritone voice that has evolved from the early days of his trademark grunt that used to make Kurt Cobain sound like Harry Belafonte.

Click on the above video (second one down) to listen to Vedder croon Patti Smith's I'm Dancing Barefoot and get blown away by Pearl Jam's acoustic sound and Eddie's great voice.

“Uncle Neil” is having a strong and powerful influence on Vedder, as you can see watching them perform Walk with Me together. White. Hot. (Click on above video.)

And before Buffalo Springfield and Pearl Jam, there were my heroes, soulful Lucinda Williams and the all-time songbird Emmylou Harris. What can I say?

You should have been there.

And God bless Neil Young and Pegi for doing all they do every year to help the Bridge School help these kids.

Happy Friday, Loserettes!



DRT Bristol said...

Thank you so much Tootruthy for this exceptional concert and for Eddy Vedder.

2Truthy said...


Like I said, you should have been there:)

Anonymous said...

Where are you and how are you doing????

2Truthy said...

Hey B'Man! Doing other things, be back soon. Keep the faith, baby!

Anonymous said...

i saw this and thought of you:

comment (translated from chinese): Is it necessary [to hire a foreigner]? [When] there are so many in China who haven’t found jobs…


- mcfnord

Anonymous said...

the war on humor has been lost.

2Truthy said...

Ho-ho-ho Anon!

The War on Humor is currently being staged within the confines of a few thousand hectares of undisclosed jungle full of awe inspiring natives with scotchy internet access. Our primary mode of communications/interaction rely heavily upon old school techniques like pantomime, smoke signals and the occasional baksheesh to render services from the indigenous elders to ensure protection against the anteaters and harpy eagles.