Friday, October 8, 2010

2Truthy's Happy Friday Hour with Duane Allman: Turn Up the Volume!

(Very Special Thanks to the Immortal Duane Allman) 

"A 10 minute + song that starts slow and builds momentum like a freight train. If this song doesn't get you tapping your toe or playing air guitar then your probably dead." -Youtube Commenter

Loan Me a Dime

What are your local Congress critters doing to stop importing cheap labor to take your jobs? How about your local Chamber of Commerce selling out your jobs to foreign BFFs who grease their palms?

"Perplexing statistics have been surfacing concerning the economy. While corporate profits are returning to pre “crisis” levels, unemployment seems to remain stuck around ten percent. Worsening the scenario is the fact that this doesn’t capture the entire employment picture, as some believe at least another ten percent have given up on finding a job or have been forced into early retirement."

 20.5 Million Americans have a Bachelors Degree in Science & Engineering but our "best and brightest" thought leaders lie and tell us we have a skilled labor shortage and that we need MORE imported cheap workers to take jobs educated Americans need?

"A new question in the 2009 American Community Survey asked respondents with bachelor's degrees about their undergraduate major: The estimated number of people in the United States 25 and over with a bachelor's degree or higher was 56.3 million. Of this group, 20.5 million, or 36.4 percent, held at least one science and engineering degree." 

Jobs for U.S. citizens are not commodities like GMO crops under some skewed NAFTA agreement. But for many years of job outsourcing,  to  caste-minded neo-frat boy bean counters running U.S. corporations,  a slave is a slave is a slave. 

Happy Friday, Loserettes!


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