Sunday, July 8, 2007

2Truthy's LIVE EARTH Lowdown: Madonna and Mike Gravel Rock the MoveOn House Parties

- Plato
The LIVE EARTH concerts piped in some remarkable moves at parties all over the place last night, with MADONNA and MIKE GRAVEL picking up the biggest "WOW" factors at two different parties I attended. As a long time Madonna fan, having been into her Detroit onto NY dance scene before it was fashionable, I have never seen her dance so well! Make no mistake: MADONNA HAS GOT THE MOVES, and she is a mesmerizing, energetic and all-out incredible performer!
As the Democratic candidates were asked questions on how they would handle climate change, a host of responses varying in specifics were offered, and the general consenus among party goers at BOTH venues was Hillary was best, Biden very good, Edwards "most convincing" of the three presidential frontrunners, but (now here's the part that is crucial) MIKE GRAVEL was "the most awesome" and "really said all the right things" and "wow! why don't we hear more about MIKE GRAVEL?"
In short, the good news is that Mike Gravel said all of the right stuff on climate change and our economy that would benefit People first ---NOT corporations (Click link to watch them all)
That's the good news.
The bad news is that the attendees at both parties appear to be in line with the status quo media when it comes to the party line: most everyone fell for Hillary first, noting that she was backed with the most $$$ which (our MSM is doing its job) makes her a winning, electable candidate, despite the fact that many acknowledged that Edwards, who also has a considerable amount of financial backing, would be "the better choice". But then there was MIKE GRAVEL -- who clearly won the trust and likeability vote but was dismissed as a non-candidate due to his poor financial backing and non-existent media coverage.
Why Mike Gravel? Gravel urges us to "follow the money" when it comes to understanding how climate change affects politics as it relates to corporate interests. To address the corruption of green corporations, lobbyists and politicians, Gravel says that as president, he will empower the People with his plan he calls "The National Initiative" that will for the first time let the nation act as lawmakers. How revolutionary is that?

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