Thursday, July 5, 2007

Good Thing: Where Have You Gone?

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts." <
Good thing, where have you gone? (Watch video, and for all you pianists like Yours truly, enjoy the truly fine ragtime riff of the 'king of the keys', Jools Holland.)
The 4th of July came and went with a quiet, rather uncelebratory bang around here and I am not sure if it had less to do with the fact that the 4th happened to fall mid-week this year or if, with all of the signs of our Democracy being looted (Libby pardon, Cohen &Grigsbygate, Iraq, the Subprime lending scandal, SCOTUS so far packed to the Right that is has fallen completely off the integer line, Poisoned food from China, the Dollar tanking, etc.) could it be that We the People have had just about enough yet?
Sure, maybe we're all a little tired and cranky from being reamed by the unmistakeably virulent corporate leaders who are hell-bent on colluding with a corrupt Congress to sell off our jobs and our civil liberties, while the elitist zeitgeist cooks up more international schemes to manufacture and sell any old crap to an increasingly wary world that is quite arguably being left worse off from the opressive Western hand of globalization?
Read more about this in the new book by Stephen Marshall "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing", which raises the specter of whether the forced corporatization (that's what 'democracy' really means) of our Western Democracy on third world societies is not only a failed model for people but a necessary tool of perpetual war all around the globe.

One concern I have about "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing" is that author defines blowhards like Tom Friedman as a "liberal elite" which, if you read the comments, almost every one raised questions about. I mean, I have always thought of him as a "conservative" but then when you think about it, he comes out here to Silicon Valley and schmoozes with self described bipartisan "best and brightest" ceos and executives who, with their legendary outsourcing bluprint, have made slave drivers on the plantations look like candy stripers.

On another note, Cindy Sheehan has taken up the Iraq war protest circuit once again and I don't know why she and her posse have not made an announcement to make a pitstop here and challenge the ceos and executives who are bunkered down in this War on the Middle Class as Cohen & Grigsbygate has outted them for selling off our educated white collar workers also to the third world Read more about this at

Good Thing: Have the Good Reporters Sold Out? With rampant layoffs and media consolidation, where does one find reliable reporting that respects its readers with an emphasis on speaking truth to power? As the "Big Blogs" take up banning their constituents, becoming more 'secretive' and Skull and Bonesy as they schmooze with the Kool-Aid stand manufacturers, the need for professional journalists with character and integrity has never been greater to report on this War on the Middle Class.

That, indeed, would be a good thing.



Citizen Carrie said...

Hey, thanks for giving me more reading material. I'll have fun going through your links a little more thoroughly this weekend.

I'll confess my ignorance. I always thought of Thomas Friedman as a liberal who happened to agree with George W.'s ideas early on about the War on Terror. However, these days, a liberal is anyone who doesn't have the Ten Commandments posted in every room of his house.

2Truthy said...

citizen carrie,

I see what you mean about the liberal tag on TF but here is the way political definitions have been etched into my psyche --

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT: pro-people first intellectuals, social workers, Hollywood moguls, actors, artists,scientists, musicians, working poor and eclectic wealthy

CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN: pro-corporations first (shorter list)
ceos, jerks, SCOTUS, and kazillionairres.

My parents were moderate Republicans and so I understand the divide in the R party which looks like its tanking. But the BIG MONEY PARTY (as Sirota describes it)is the unofficial merge of the wealthy that looks like it is pushing DLCer Hillary with a vengeance...or Gore. Same diff.

Somehow, I just don't see how they would trust and would allow a trial lawyer like Edwards to cross the golden ropes.