Saturday, July 21, 2007

Too Darn Hot: The Left Heats Up

“Sometimes the greed and arrogance of Ruling Classes makes them careless and social waters heat too quickly. Sensing doom, alert citizen-frogs escape or revolt. Or they stay complacent and boil.”
-Joel S. Hirschorn

It’s about time for the Left to wake up and smell the boiling point. Can it?

Bill Moyers recently interviewed Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch and challenged the whole myth of labor shortages that Cretans like Bill Gates and global elites here in this country are hammering the masses here with. Click link below to read transcript of this interview entitled ‘Trade Policy Not Just a Rust Belt Concern Anymore’

One of the most dangerous elements of corporate globalization is that large corporations have historically used militaries and force to protect their access to cheap, natural resources, cheap labor, and the development of new markets. In a 1999 New York Times column, Thomas Friedman said “you can't have McDonald's without McDonnell Douglas, the weapons defense contractor.” Shades of Leave it to Beaver come to mind when answering that question: “Gee Wally, could this be why the U.S. picked a war with Iraq and will never, ever get out of there?”

Follow what is happening around the SPP meeting in Montebello Quebec August 20-21. Why is a 25 KM security perimeter being planned to keep the public from coming anywhere near this meeting? Why has the meeting space reserved for a public teach-in been taken over by the army?

Can the Left hop out of the pot and finally focus on the power being wielded by corporate elites comprised of an unlikely assortment of characters including but not limited to certain ceo’s, blowhard board members, governors with Austrian accents married to wives on the supposed opposite ideological spectrum, former vice presidents turned businessmen, wildly stock-optioned House Speakers and their technology and Beltway sons and daughters and pals who are robbing this country of any semblance of democracy? Despite it all, will the Left still continue to be warmed by the false promises of our sold out Congress and global elite, fanned by the flames of an ideology in lieu of facing the reality that a hijacked democracy (not by republicans or democrats) but an elite, big-monied inner circle of bipartisan, corporate globalists?

Where is the blogosphere that drew millions of alternative bloggers who set out to challenge the status quo? Oh, right. They turned into the status quo. One need look no further than the HuffPo, that ‘revolutionary alternate source for news’ we could not get from the traditional mainstream news outlets. I have to hand it to Arianna…I would venture to say that most of the pajama clad bloggers who participate in the HuffPo actually think that it started out with an ideological, Bolshevik Arianna sitting in some basement with tussled hair and overdue for a manicure typing furiously at a keyboard at four am. in hot pursuit of making America better for the People. Well, I guess you have to ask “which people.” But that venture is a prime example of good old fashioned capitalism at work. While it has attracted commenters from all across the world to engage in debate, the editorial slant is distinctly global elite and not community values driven. So far, the only consistent content repeatedly pitched is support for Al Gore, the former vice president turned green businessman who also serves as a Senior Advisor to the board of Google.

The Left has been looking right while wealthy, slick globalists run the media (we’re talking alternative and blog media here as well as MSM), in a feverish, 21st Century pitch to spin a veneer of “cool” on winding down America’s middle class. Want to see a third world society of have and have nots? Wake up America, you’re looking at it and the party down on the race to the bottom has just begun. It ain’t about to get any better, thanks to the collective complicity from some on the Left, who continue to talk “Iraq, Iraq, Iraq” (again, think Arianna Huffington) while the elites loot what’s left of our economy and the Left continues to “ooh and aah” about the cool factor of selling off our jobs and infrastructures under the banner of “liberalism.” Is the Left that selfish or just merely blind to the needs of our citizens and our communities?

The capacity for the wealthy, global elites to put profits before people relies upon its media bedfellows

Joel S. Hirschorn writes “Some Americans keep warning us – people like Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Aaron Russo, Dennis Kucinich, Lou Dobbs, Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Bill Moyers, Jon Stewart, and Keith Olbermann. They entertain complacent “frogs” and preach to the choir of alert “frogs” that also know the temperature is rising dangerously. Many of the former keep hoping that putting better Democrats or Republicans in office will get us back on the right track. Many of the latter are ready to jump to what our Constitution offers us: an Article V convention."
It is curious that while those on the Left stew in the pot while the global elites in Congress and our corporate communities craft their H1-b legislations to blow the lid off visa caps that will displace and unemploy millions of our educated American white collar professionals, where is the collective righteous indignation from the party of the People?

While affordable imports keep Americans docile and distracted and while we continue to allow our corrupt Congress and House Speaker to use our white collar jobs as a leading national export in order to fatten the wallets of the smug, arrogant, and insufferable frat boys running roughshod over our economy, has the Left really forgotten about the greedy British and how they motivated colonial America to inspire our Revolutionary War?

Only now, with oppression coming from within
and the slick media and bloggers lining up at the trough to capitalize off of the backs of our dwindling middle class, will Americans finally choose to sit in the pot until its too late? Has the Left developed a case of ‘elitism-itis’, which is responsible for them morphing into the status quo Cretans they set out to rebel against?

“Business schools teach "grow or die," the idea that we measure success in our economy and society by constant growth, by growing bigger and bigger. Even in a socially responsible business community, people will say, "Well, how much more did your business grow last year?" Or, "Do you have another unit yet?" And when people hear that I'm a successful restaurateur, they will say, "You mean you have only one restaurant?" But I made a conscious decision to stay a small business because I realized that when we grow in physical size, we give up something very important--authentic relationships with the people around us and those we do business with. I came to realize that we can measure our success in other ways besides just growing our size, sales, and profit: we can measure our success by growing our knowledge and expanding our consciousness, by deepening our relationships, increasing our happiness, and having more fun. This way we don't give up what's really most important and authentic--relationships that increase the quality of our lives.”

What the Left, for the sake of this country needs now more than ever is a hot dose of
RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION. The 2008 election cycle is picking up steam, and with the candidates being trotted out, we have no choice but to ask which one of them—if any---is standing up for the middle class and what they will do to stop the wholesale sell-out of our jobs and infrastructures, something that so far, the Left has yet to address in any form of mass protest. Hint: don’t look to elitist businessman Al Gore to lead the way any time soon. Unless he kicks ass over at Google and wants to demonstrate he is an anti-elite by reversing this bogus “Myth of an American Labor Shortage”, the educated middle class has him number.

Will the Left stay complacent to boil?

Who will be the ‘Cindy Sheehan’ in this War on the Middle Class?



Citizen Carrie said...

Lots to consider in this post. I've also been puzzled about the lack of indignation. I'd been hoping the middle class would get fed up with the "let them eat cake" mentality and start an uprising, but after reading your post I'm not sure if it will ever happen.

ucbdan said...

Must watch:

Democratic Debate on youtube
Here are transcript links (2 part)

For anyone who has ever doubted that our media is completely controlled by the corporate elite -the same corporate elites who control the politicians who approve war spending, give our jobs away, and corporate tax cuts and loopholes, this so-called debate is the mightiest proof that we are being played big-time!

The important thing to note is that this "debate" content was very carefully scripted and canned, meaning that curiously, NO MENTION of H1-B or job exports and decreasing wages ever came up EXCEPT when Kucinich momentarily weighed in with

"So we're not going to be borrowing money from China to fight wars in Baghdad. We're going to lower our trade deficit by ending NAFTA and the WTO and going back to trade based on worker's rights." This went nowhere.

And these are the DEMOCRATS?

None of them even feigned an excuse why the Democratic majority has looked the other way while Bush continues to export our jobs (not only our white collar jobs, tootruthy) but all of them away by making insane "free
trade" agreements in warp speed time.

The Blogs? Even Kos is a drag, like many of these "so-called" Left blogs, when it comes to focusing on what is in front of us.
citizen carrie, the only way around this impending socio-economic trainwreck is a cultural revolution and ironically, youtube is the vehicle that is controlled by Google, the latest "great evildoer" with power over what is being broadcast to people in my age group (they target students and young adults)- a bit cultish.

2Truthy said...

The righteous indigantion, citizen carrie, I believe will show up with the right cultural leaders (media? I used to think Arianna H. but she's pro-corporo and Dobbs, well, the Left doesn't trust him) who will make this a "sexy" political issue before it's too late and movies: (the next coming of Michael Moore)to reach the masses.

dan, I thought Edwards was pretty good but you are right, Kucinich is the only one going for broke since sadly, the way things are going, it looks like he doesn't stand a chance so I guess Edwards is the only 'electable' Dem keeps dodging the middle class professional jobs sell out issue while he focuses on poverty, another issue entirely. Almost.

Citizen Carrie said...

Well, I don't see that the right cultural leader who will make this a "sexy" political issue will show up any time soon.

2Truthy, are you ready to polish up your high heals, put on your miniskirt, and start hitting the talk show circuit? :-)

Citizen Carrie said...

Heels, damn it, heels!

(Damn spelling gremlin.)

2Truthy said...

citizen carrie, toooooooofunny!!!!!!!!

Heals works.

High 'heals', sure I can visualize it: Tiptoing across the set of Chris Matthews ala the Goddess of In-over-her-head-ism...

Actually, I was thinking of having my frequent guest blogger, Quincy, pick up the talk show circuit detail to dress up this issue of a sold out middle class. This would you know, require a little lipstick and a copy of Arianna Huffington's best seller,

As Judy Tenuta would say, "It could happen."

In the meantime, you have amassed a good deal of data with your DOJ research on your blog. New site (and businessplan)fodder?

shoeshineboy said...

Well 2truthy,

Usually the middle class is already gone by the time a revolution starts. The middle class is the buffer between the upper and lower classes. When it disappears, you get friction.

As soon as the vestigal middle class is wiped out (getting there fast), we will be at the Pinkerton stage.


When the middle class is gone, the upper class is threatened and starts hiring private security firms to oppress the fray.

2Truthy said...


The "United States of Private Security" is what this country is looking like. Between the Haves with moats around their gated McMansions, private jets, personal shoppers and invite-only fundraiser socials and the college educated Circuit City Have-Not clerks who have watched their jobs, homes and healthcare disappear with this reverse Robin Hood corporate elitist plan to get rid of government, the frat boys take all in this war on the middle class.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that this site is one of the few,if any,that speaks of the real problems facing country, that being disappearing jobs (that pay anything) and INFRASTRUCTURES!!
With the recent Minneapolis bridge disaster your writing only precludes more of what is to come from this country which allows the crooks in our government to get away with,yes,murder.When will the Left rise up?You raise an excellent question,as the Left seems to enjoy the media distractions of Iraq, Libby, Paris Hilton but refuses to revolt against the elites and instead, sucks up to them.

2Truthy said...

Thanks anonymous,

I do not think that in the history of the United States, the citizens have ever been such an "afterthought" and will remain so unless there is some kind of mass protest against corporate Amerika.