Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pirates of the Health-Care-ibbean

"I've got mine and I feel fine so go ahead and die!"
-Austin Lounge Lizards
Half of every dollar spent on health care is wasted on administration, insurance company profits, and overpriced pharmaceuticals. Only by insuring everyone in a new California Health Plan that leverages the state's buying power and focuses on preventive care can we provide higher quality, affordable health care to all Californians.

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Citizen Carrie said...

As a former benefits analyst, I can tell you first hand how much money was spent in administrative fees to supposedly "save" money.

2Truthy said...

Hey Citizen Carrie,

I'll bet you can! I knew a divorcee whose ex was CFO at a leading health insurance company back in the days when claims were made out of flimsy tissue paper.
Every Friday, they would pick stacks of them at random and deny the whole slew, just to get out of the office early...........