Monday, October 29, 2007

India and The Gap Exlpoit Child Slave Labor

The Gap: Hillary Clinton, Queen of the “Free-Trade” Outsourcing Lobby

Still buying the flatworldian line about how “free trade” is so great for us and is lifting all boats? Or how all that cheap crap from job outsourcers like the GAP make this world a better place?

Obama’s peeps got one thing right: Hillary loves outsourcing our jobs AND all of the other good stuff that NAFTA “free-trade” deals allow: like Indian child slave labor that keeps a few wealthy GAP executives in Prada pantsuits while exploiting poor children from other lands. When you are an insulated elitist, it doesn’t matter anymore where you live or what nationality you are -– exploitation and slavery are just one elitist lobbyist phone call away.

There’s a “gap” alright between certain insulated candidates, America’s working class, and child slave labor that global elites of all stripes just don’t seem to care about.

Bill and Hillary are BFF to wealthy, super outsourcing fundraisers from India who run in fast circles of elites who seek to profit by replacing our jobs with Indian citizens at any human cost. Not only is presidential candidate Hillary Clinton beholden to corporate interests at the expense of working class Americans (like people not living off of stock dividends) as she accepts corporate gifts, financial rewards and favors in exchange for her commitment to selling our jobs to foreign elites from India, but HRC is the number ONE candidate that Indian lobbyists rely on for support in their elitist race to the bottom.

Hillary’s support for UN-FAIR trade agreements that promote corporate "guest worker" programs used to replace American white-collar workers with imported cheap, foreign labor has made her the darling among Indian elites who have everything to gain by outsourcing.

According to this Washington Post article "A Quiet Rainmaker", Hillary and Bill are tied to Indian “super fundraisers” who apparently are just not that into us – not just here, but in other countries like India where greedy elitists are creating a global ruling caste with a gap between the rich and poor so wide as to make the Plantation Society Days of yore look like Christmas.

No, with ‘friends’ like Hillary and Bill and 'Blah', the rest of us stand to lose in this global race to the bottom…which makes Hillary the absolutely worst candidate the Democrats could run.

Special Note: Good going for John Edwards, who today announced that he is going to stand up for American workers. Hallelujah! (Edwards is now officially out of 2Truthy’s doghouse.)

Hillary clearly does not belong in the White House. The insulated Clintons have reaped significant financial rewards from their gluttonous relationship with the Indian community, both in their personal finances, all the free curry that clogged Bill’s ticker and almost sent him to an early grave, and Hillary’s campaign fundraising.

Hillary Clinton, who is the co-chair of the Senate India Caucus has drawn criticism from anti-offshoring groups for her vocal support of Indian business and unwillingness to protect American jobs. She is no friend of the American people – or of the Indian slave labor children who her wealthy global corporatist supporters rely on to widen the gap between rich and poor through disastrous outsourcing practices.



Anonymous said...

Here is a link to an article about the Indian Gap sweatshops. They are in Delhi, which the article states are "some of which are among the worst sweatshops ever to taint the human conscience.",,2200590,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

Companies such as the Gap are "shocked" that their suppliers don't follow those noble clauses in their contracts that say that they are not to employ child labor. But they practically guarrantee the use of child labor by relentlessly seeking the cheapest producers.

2Truthy said...

This article is shocking in that it proves elites of the world DO NOT care about this horrible child slavery that is taking place in India, or other countries for that matter.

If this wealthy donor of Hillary Clinton's cited in the WaPo article (and others, too, from other nationalities as well) would only apply these funds to the needy from their countries and NOT to greedy candidates like Hillary who are working hard to protect the corporate welfare interests (via NAFTA, H1-b and other corrupt "free trade" deals) favoring only the world's wealthy elites, wouldn't that be something?

Ashok Kumar said...

In India,Encouragement of child labor is a serious crime. Government takes appropriate actions to avoid the child labor and put them into the school for education. It also introduces Mid-Day meals scheme for the poor childrens. It implements MGNEG Scheme for providing 100 employment for peoples who lived in rural areas and for who suffered with lack of work. It creates more job openings for village people.

2Truthy said...


Thanks for sharing this vital information that the Indian government does not encourage these horrendous child labor abuses. After all, governments are supposed to be all about representing what is good for their people, no?

Have the child labor abusers (corporations, crooked politicians and blowhards,etc.) committing these abhorrent crimes been prosecuted?

Also, thanks a million for proving your utterly remarkable command of the English language. No Child Should Be Left Behind the rampant hackneyed, hideous form of Hinglish masquerading these days as *fluent* or even proficient.

In reference to your screwy last sentence, kudos for dispelling the myth that the 'best and brightest' from India aren't stealing jobs from U.S. citizens and causing labor arbitrage in our country.

New Jersey Flophouse said...

If India can destroy the whole state of New Jersey and steal jobs from Americans there, the "best and brightest" can *spread the love* to all the states and even the world!