Saturday, October 27, 2007

Larry Craig To Claim Sting Arrest UNCONSTISHOESONAL

Craig to Claim Sex Sting Arrest "UNCONSTISHOESONAL"

Seems an anti-gay gay Senator from Idaho can’t tap a shoe and take a dump at the same time without getting the book thrown at him. But now, Craig has had enough.

“That’s it. Hauling me in for foot tapping is just downright UNCONSTISHOESONAL!”

The Senator from Idaho confirms he will argue before an appeals court that Minnesota’s disorderly conduct law is unconstishoesonal as it applies to his allegedly misplaced size 13 loafer in the now legendary MSP airport bathroom stall scandal. He added

“How did you really know I was hand signaling and foot tapping and not just crapping? Huh? How do you know that?”

If Hands Could Talk. In a surprising twist, the newly emboldened Senator is coming back swinging, no small thanks to his new BFF, the ACLU, who have offered an ingenious defense. In an earlier friend-of-the-court filing, the ACLU argued that Craig's loafer tapping and hand gesturing under the stall at the MSP airport are protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech.

When Craig’s hand was asked what it thought it was doing when it reached under the stall, its response was unarguably simple:

I was trying to pick up a piece of paper on the floor that looked a little like the United States Constitution. Or toilet paper. ”


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