Monday, October 22, 2007

Chelsea Clinton: What's A Hedge Fund Got To Do With It?

Chelsea Clinton: What’s A Hedge Fund Got To Do- Got To Do With It?

The Clinton’s Triangulation Strategy: And Chelsea Makes Three

If I had a dollar for every email I have received inquiring about what Chelsea Clinton is up to these days, well, I’d have a few more than I do now. But now that Hillary is hogging up all of the Clinton Family limelight, let’s take a look at how the family of three that plays together stays together – from Chinatown to Silicon Valley to Mumbai to Dubai --- and then back.

Over the years, Hillary Clinton’s exhaustive overuse of the word “triangulation” has led many in the Democratic party to stand up and declare, in the words of Molly Ivins

“Enough triangulation, calculation and equivocation. There are times a country is so tired of bull that only the truth can provide relief.”

Molly Ivins said this right before she died last year, when she proclaimed her non-support of Hillary as she cited Hillary’s “pragmatic” resistance to pulling out of the War On Iraq. Now, if only the media and so-called “progressive” blogosphere devoted their attention to shift to the real problem here at home: A collusion of corporatist po$$er and political heft that is dismantling our middle class. And who is this Democratic Holy Trinity blowing through the Beltway leading the Crusade in this WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS?

Ah, the White House and all of its perks…Bill’s been there, Hillary wants the top job, but what’s (Chelsea) a hedge fund got to do with it? Throughout their political careers, Bill and Hillary Clinton have repeatedly associated with people whose objectives seemed a million miles away from "a place called Hope.” But we knew that.

Senator Hillary Clinton has ardently supported American corporations and Indian outsourcing companies’ requests to open up the floodgates of hell for a massive influx of H-1b visa legislation. This week, legislation is being presented to the Senate floor to reintroduce the SKIL BILL which has a massive H-1B increase to sell out our white collar jobs. Why is Hillary leading the pack on the Great American White Collar Job sell out?

In the November 5 The Nation, Russ Baker and Adam Federman probe Hillary’s Mystery Money Men, probing her connection to Harken Energy and BCCI (The Bank of Credit and Commerce) and raise widespread speculation as to her strange bedfellows, including Alan Quasha and his menagerie--including “Saudi frontmen, a foreign dictator, figures with intelligence ties and a maze of companies and offshore funds”:

"That Hillary Clinton's campaign is involved with this particular cast of characters should give people pause," says John Moscow, a former Manhattan prosecutor. In the late 1980s and early '90s he led the investigation of the corrupt Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) global financial empire--a bank whose prominent shareholders included members of the Harken board. "Too many of the same names from earlier troubling circumstances suggests a lack of control over who she is dealing with," says Moscow, "or a policy of dealing with anyone who can pay."

As authors Baker and Federman summarize:

“With an international man of mystery like Quasha, it’s nigh impossible to definitively identify his endgame,” they admit. “But one thing he seems to have a stake in is free rein for hedge funds --- –and preservation of the low rate at which their profits are taxed.”

So what’s Chelsea got to do with it? Could hedge fund money laundering, contract manipulation, anti-American workforce “free-trade” policies like NAFTA under the banner of globalization and nuclear pacts just be the epigenetic link keepin’ it all in the Family?

Every Democratic candidate, with the exception of Dennis Kucinich, has pledged to sell out millions more white collar American jobs -- you know, the ones that Americans "won't do": like Computer Scientist, Financial Analyst, Doctor, Nurse, etc. --- and yet citizens of this country continue to look away. It is no wonder these candidates are all clamoring to open the floodgates of immigration so that the "whiny" middle class will just finally go away and drown under their weight. Despite this, what kind of “Democrat” would vote for crusader Hillary in this WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS?

You know the ones: The same old elitist, Us vs. Them, “I Got Mine” crowd that has everything to lose in keeping you and me from them.



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