Monday, February 18, 2008

Clinton and Obama Divide Country into Pink States and Black States

Happy Presidents Day: What “Red” and “Blue” States?

For Immediate Release

Clinton's "Pink Alliance" and Obama's Cappuccino Coalition / "Espresso Entente"...

Hillary Clinton's (pink) coalition / clatch of women and downscale, working-class gay men has been locked in a struggle for the Democratic nomination with Obama's (black) army / coalition of African-Americans and liberal, college-educated "wiggaz".

Clinton’s Pink Posse scores big with the Alzheimer’s crowd, especially downscale dowagers, the Gray and the Gay, while Obama is big with the post-graduate set, the Ebony Egghead demographic...

But who’s going to be our next President? We don’t know! But what we DO know is that secrecy is the new black as Al Gore works in the shadows of the Democratic presidential nomination battle to ensure that Hillary and Barrack don't slog it out in public so that the party is not ripped apart by a bitterly divided convention on their race to the trough. According to the New York Times, Al Gore and a few senior Democratic leaders are “staying neutral” ( 2Truthy reveals that insiders already know Gore hearts Obama) in the race between Hillary and Barrack, because they're worried that a pre-convention fight for 795 superdelegates could be disastrous for the general election.

For now, Hillary and Barrack will unfortunately have to play nice if either one of them wants to beat McCain—a shame, really, when you think about it. If they can’t drag each other into the mud like normal politicians, what does this say about our electoral system?
Oh, and if it’s issues you are after in a candidate, visit their respective websites for the latest spin on how these two candidates promise the moon for their dream job of being President of the Corporate Elite States of the Whole Wide World.

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Citizen Carrie said...

For the life of me I can't figure out why people are dissecting how these two candidates stand on the issues. Why bother? Clinton and Obama just keep tailoring their messages to whatever is polling well that week.

2Truthy said...

Issues? What issues? We don't need to hear about issues from candidates. We want our candidates to have issues, like the kind we see and read about in all of the INFOTAINMENT media outlets.

After all, ours is not to ask why...

I call this beauty contest devoid of any true "Issuetainment". We get the government what we deserve, as Nancy Pelosi would say.