Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary's "It Takes a Miracle" Campaign Revival

“I have five loaves and two fishes for you!
Really! It’s enough. I promise!”

Hillary’s 2008 “I Need a Miracle” Campaign Revival

Quick! Hillary needs a song! Just like Obama’s hopelessly boring yet inspiring “Yes We Can” video to help fuel her chugging, sacrilegious, sagging campaign along. Cue up the Grateful Dead’s “I Need a Miracle” (above video) and go viral…it may take dynamite to keep her up…………..

Ok. So things are not looking so good for Hillary. Even Dick "the Toe-lick" Morris predicts that after losing diverse states like Washington State, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Maine, Hillary's inability to win in states without large immigrant and Latino populations means she has completely lost the coveted hillbilly vote to a black man and that nothing short of a miracle to resurrect a campaign which has otherwise gone south is in order...

Morris further confirms his analysis:

“don't bet on all the super delegates staying hitched to Hillary. These folks are politicians, half of them public office holders who are really good at reading the handwriting on the wall and really bad at gratitude for past favors.”

But not to worry, Hillary fans. Newly appointed campaign manager Maggie Williams has stepped in to steer this lost ship out of the doldrums, help change water into wine and maybe, maybe, help deliver a miracle.


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