Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Polish Priest's Exorcism Theme Park

Exorcism Theme Park in Poland

POCZERNIN, Poland –Since Satan seems to be hanging around POLAND a lot these days and everybody over fourteen including the French totally loathe EuroDisney and are exhibiting a growing, sophisticated mistrust of all things Mickey Mouse, Europe needs to radically entertain its depraved and sinful population – both young and old --- by confronting “and bracing for” an impending invasion of demons by a PRIEST from POLAND who is going to TOTALLY KICK Satan’s (yes, THAT Satan) ass! Exorcism is all the rage in Europe, I tell ya!!!

It's true. Polish priest Rev. Andrzej Trojanowski, a soft-spoken Pole, plans to build a "spiritual oasis" that will “serve as Europe's only center dedicated to performing exorcisms.” EXORCISMS! With the blessing of the local Catholic archbishop and theological support from the Vatican, the center will aid a growing number of "Poles possessed by evil forces or the devil himself,” he said.

"This is my task, this is my purpose -- I want to help these people," said Trojanowski, who has allegedly worked as an exorcist for four years! This exclusive cleansing service would be especially great for young women who would be otherwise forced to work in Warsaw’s massage parlor district for substandard wages. He added “there is a group of people who cannot get relief through any other practices and who need peace." Thank you , Father!

Trojanowski believes he can defeat Satan, with unconfirmed rumors depicting the practice to involve a combination of hypnosis, plenty of liquor, prayer, rosary beads, a crucifix, a dime bag, white powder and a glass pipe, nudity and old Lon Chaney DVS’s.


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