Friday, February 8, 2008

McCain and the Party of Hate

“If I had a rocker launcher, some son of a bitch would die.”
-Bruce Cockburn

Happy Friday, Loserettes!

Is John “One Hundreds Years of War” McCain and the rest of the blow-em’ all up Republican platform starting to piss off a few Democrats yet? If not, Justin Logan provides some ammo in his article McCain: Straight Talk and Militarist Madness.

If elected, McCain acknowledges that his policies

“Would help ensure that when our grandchildren sign up for military service, some of them will deploy to Iraq. More broadly than Iraq, Senator McCain has a clear track record of supporting war and militarism, and if elected, there’s every reason–from his twitchy statements on the campaign trail to his actions in Congress–to believe that Senator McCain is the all-war-all-the-time candidate. “

Logan provides disturbing insights into the lockdown outcome of a McCain presidency that would ensure a militaristic state not only abroad but here at home:

“In a 2001 article in the Washington Monthly, after lamenting that it was “not currently politically practical to revive the draft,” McCain went on to praise and argue for the expansion of the National Civilian Community Corps, a federally-administered program where volunteers “wear uniforms, work in teams, learn public speaking skills, and gather together for daily calisthenics, often in highly public places such as in front of city hall. McCain glowed at the fact that the participants “not only wear uniforms and work in teams…but actually live together in barracks on former military bases.” There is already a place where young people wear federal uniforms, live in military barracks, and gather for calisthenics in front of government buildings: It’s called North Korea.”

Is it any wonder that faux Republican John McCain is telling the conservative base to shove it as he wants to grant millions of illegal Mexicans amnesty for all the wrong reasons? Oh yeah…McCain hearts the poor of Mexico. Right…After all, cannon fodder around here is on the decline and somebody has to fight an enemy and die even if we have to create them in order for the Military Industrial Complex to keep making weapons and float this sinking boat of a losing economy, even if it will only enrich a few elites…but hey, what do Republicans know or care about any of this?

Earlier this week, some asshat, anti-evolutionary cretan, jack-boot, hateful hillbilly MOFO Senator from South effing Carolina declared that the city of Berkeley, CA doesn’t deserve federal money and is pushing to pull $2.1 million in funding from programs established to help the poor. U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C wants to revoke funding from the city of Berkeley because the city voted to boot the Marines from an annoying recruiting station they set up in the city’s downtown area. Helllllooo…Anyone who knows Berkeley knows that this is home to the U.of California, a town known for its pacifism and home to Alice Waters’s magical culinary classic restaurant, Chez Panisse. What is extraordinarily cruel (and not unusual) is that this bully wants to stick it to a wonderful foundation established by Alice Waters to improve school lunch nutrition and improve wellness (see list below.)

DeMint said he will draft legislation to rescind any earmarks dedicated for the City of Berkeley in the recently passed appropriations bill — which his office tallied to value about $2.1 million. He said that any money taken back would be transferred to the Marines.

DeMint's office provided a preliminary list of items that would be subject to his proposal:

— $975,000 for the University of California at Berkeley, for the Matsui Center for Politics and Public Service, which may include establishing an endowment, and for cataloguing the papers of Congressman Robert Matsui.
— $750,000 for the Berkeley/Albana ferry service.
— $243,000 for the Chez Panisse Foundation, for a school lunch initiative to integrate lessons about wellness, sustainability and nutrition into the academic curriculum.
— $94,000 for a Berkeley public safety interoperability program.
— $87,000 for the Berkeley Unified School District, nutrition education program.

When we say that there are differences -- however subtle and often indistinguishable between the two parties --- the GOP still takes the prize for earning the deplorable distinction as the Party of Hate.



Citizen Carrie said...

Amazing how whack jobs will continue to be voted into office as long as they continue to spout off about "family values".

2Truthy said...

"Family Values" is a euphemism for

"I came over on the goddamn Mayflower (or will spend the rest of my days proving to those who did that I can be just as hypocritical, ham-fisted, mean-spirited, narrow minded, inconsiderate and perverse as those who did!)

But where will all of the evangelicals go if the GOP ever succeeds in giving them the slip?