Sunday, February 3, 2008

HilBama: Super Bluesday for a D.O.A. Democratic Party

HilBama kissing in a tree while Democratic elites gut the Party

Oh boy. Now that the two “issues candidates” (code for campaigning for labor rights, domestic jobs, healthcare and national infrastructure) Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards are out, the Democratic Party’s Beauty Contest is about to reach new breathtaking heights as the Empty Skirt, Hillary squares off with her rival, the Empty Suit Barry this Tuesday. Today’s San Jose Mercury News features an article entitled Our next president must embrace clean technology written by former DLC think tanker Will Marshall. The article is a shining example of tech industry public relations at its finest – a plea, a pitch, no wait --- a directive for the Democratic party faithful to vote for the candidate they consider to be ideally suited to pave the way for government subsidies to tech startups on the speculation of creating new jobs, despite the fact that this is the SAME group of powerful techno-elites who have bought the same politicians to open up the flood gates of cheap immigration from India to take our jobs at home. The authors certainly don’t hide the disdain that they and Democratic ruling class elites have for “Populist” or issues based voters, nor do they mistake defining “Progressive” voters as anyone else other than the smug, arrogant, and hubris driven inner circle of elites set to gain by dubious green tech start-ups. If you thought the bubble made a few wealthy insiders wealthier, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet when it comes time for insider options being passed around like candy at the expense of Joe Sixpack and Main Street. All.over.again. This is what the authors must really mean when they gallantly toss around the term “Progressive.”

February 5, or “Super Tuesday” is a day where gambling, sports and political-junkie enthusiasm converge, courtesy mainstream media where the plebes get to pretend to make a difference by casting ballots in a primary election designed to turn out one evil over the other. Roughly one year ago to this day, I wrote about Hillary and Obama kissing in a tree as they were alike as much then as they are now. Both Hillary and Barry have taken the Google pledge to sell out white collar jobs. The great labor shortage myth and more immigration at a time when our own professionals are kicked to the curb are intertwined to this industry’s plan to reap record profits with the cheapest labor possible at the very expense of the voters who will cast their ballots for either one of these two hos to the establishment this Tuesday. “See Ya, Suckers” wouldn’t be the half of it. And the Republicans are worse. So what about a third party candidate?

But like a new pair of hot Manolos or just the right Brazilian cherrywood flooring contractor, the choices between what the two will deliver on for your investment are endlessly questionable when you get right down to it.

That’s why yours truly has provided this marvelous VOTE CHOOSER to help ease any creeping anxiety over making a horribly wrong decision or “bet” come Super Tuesday.

What? No issues left to choose from? Not to worry. Welcome to the mixed up, muffled up, 21st century shook up world of teevee/internet politics, where organizations like the Progressive Policy Institute, full of corporate backed, cult thought leaders from DLC think tanks take all the pesky *thought* out of thought-based vote decision making so YOU don’t have to…kind of like having your own personal, corporate owned vote shopper that you never have to leave home without. Problem is, organizations like the Progressive Policy Institute are pro-job outsourcing and want faithful Democrats to vote for the candidate who is loyal to the tech lobby, Obama and the “clean tech” revolution, the same technology players dedicated to kicking America’s educated scientists to the curb as they scream for more immigrants to replace middle/upper class Americans.

Should your vote actually TIE as did mine between Hillary and Obama, thank God the selection process becomes woefully or otherwise much simpler… just like it did back in 2000 during the Bush and Gore election when all anyone had to ask themselves was who they would rather have a beer with only THIS time, now we get to have even more fun thinking about who we’d rather shoot hoops with or go pantsuit shopping with at Lord & Taylortout les possibles!

But one thing is certain: in the absence of “issues candidates” like Kucinich and Edwards who campaigned for changes that would affect the lives of most people in this country as opposed to those who will benefit from the two corporate welfare candidates, HilBama.

The politics of hopelessness. How did these candidates get selected in the first place? Where was our input? Where did Barry H. Obama come from? How did Bill’s other half rise to the Senate and then on to the presidential campaign trail in such a short period of time? Why are we never able to vote on issues but instead on the lesser of two evils? Who are the corporate masters puling their strings?

I don’t know what is more cynical: the fact that the wealthy Democratic Dynasty is coming out in full force, the Kennedys – everyone from Ted to Caroline to Ethel and more as they pull on the heartstrings of Obama’s quest for HOPE, or that we the people never got the chance in the first place to vote on real issues that affect our own lives and not those of the gilded few set to wildly prosper at our expense over the false promise of a Democratic candidate delivering on anything but hope for our future in the days to come.

Here is what one black American has to say about the sham of this two-party system that has shoved the formerly hopeful Democratic base under the bus as elites of both parties sell out the middle class:

“The basic problem with American politics is that most white progressives think that people of color should just wait until white liberals are willing to take on the dimensions of the betrayal Al Gore participated in 2000. Several thousand black voters are disenfranchised, and most white liberals couldn’t give a bloody tinker’s damn. That’s where the real split is, baby. Because you’re not goin anywhere without us. You either pay attention to our issues, and the fact that political disenfranchisement of black people has reached such a turn of affairs that two national candidates chose to sweep it all under the carpet seven years ago, or you can just swing in the cold, cold, wind outside of political power. Too many of you white liberals think you’re dealing with a pseudo-fascist state because with Bush, you’re getting a little taste of what the rest of the world has dealt with for a long time now, that is to say, predatory investment patterns and disposession, police violence, military aggression overseas and massive political disenfranchisement here at home. Well, welcome to the United States of America the way a good many people of color and working class whites have always known this country to be. Bush is nothing but the same old shit cubed. You couldn’t say anything about it before, but now it’s biting you in the ass. Now you know the reality, but instead of learning from what the rest of us have known for a long time, you insist on your minimum program, and the stupid fantasy words you have coming out of a hypothetical Al Gore’s mouth instead of looking at the broader reality. Your democratic party is in this mess overseas up to its ears. They swallowed it hook, line and sinker, just as they do every side effect that comes out of it, for example, the massive collapse of domestic infrastructure that was made so plain by Katrina two years ago. And you “practical” people continue to drink that kool-aid. Well, fuck that shit. Those days are over with. Sit out on the curb outside the halls of boojwah power and weep all you want. A new kind of political organization is required, one that is willing to withstand all the hatred that is directed at a third party effort, hold its ground, and build a new political movement that actually will stand up for democracy, the working poor, and the environment. That isn’t the democrats, and hasn’t been for a long time, and it’s about time some of you “practical” people woke up and smelt the coffee, instead of insisting on dragging us off into the “democratic” party shithole for another four to eight years.”

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Citizen Carrie said...

I liked what you wrote about the Progressive Policy Institute. I checked all of their offshoring and New Economy papers to see if the Tooth Fairy co-authored them.

BTW, I ran into an explanation in one of Norm Matloff's newsletters about why Vivek Wadhwa was inspired to sponsor that now famous Duke University study debunking the U.S. engineering student shortage myth.

"...he could not answer one of the first questions his students asked
him - what courses would lead to the best job prospects, and what jobs were "outsourcing-proof"?

Matloff's newsletter

Duke University Study

Citizen Carrie said...

Carrie Gone Link-Happy

Here's an article for your enjoyment.

2Truthy said...

Thanks for the links, CC!

Did you see this?

Even the U.K. has reached it's 'saturation' point. When will the U.S. follow suit?