Thursday, January 29, 2009

French Crowds March for Job Security

Liberté, égalité, mais FUCK fraternité!!

What does job security in France mean anyway? The government guarantees that you have Johns?

While complacent, lazy, fat and useless Americans bemoan the unending rounds of job layoffs so that other lazy, fat and useless corporate overlords can reap wild profits via outsourcing them, it seems we’re down to the French to show the U.S. who’s the wussy now.

This striking news report today from Paris details French demonstrators marching for job security and pay raises from elitist government and corporate leaders:

“Hundreds of thousands of teachers, nurses, factory workers and plumbers marched through French cities on Thursday to demand pay rises and protection for jobs.
The demonstrations were the high point of a nationwide one-day strike called by France's eight main trade unions to try to persuade President Nicolas Sarkozy and business leaders to do more to help ordinary people overcome the economic crisis.”

Liberté, égalité, mais FUCK fraternité!!



Citizen Carrie said...

I assume the French can coordinate these protests because they have a few nights a week that does not show either American Idol OR Dancing With the Stars?

Melvin Toast said...

La couer a ses raison, que la raison ne connait point! Bravo mon petite Truthy! The French unions are mostly in the public sector (which is probably 45% of the country!) but this time even private sector types showed their support for the cause. While France does not have the same problem we do -- Indians and Chinese stealing our technological-related jobs -- they do feel ground down mercilessly under the boot of global pressure to appease "le bottomline."

2Truthy said...

Sans déconner? Hahaha. Bien sur! Certainment, monsieur Mel!

No "Uprising" 'round these parts, though. Nice to see a few private sector types turn out for this Parisian protest. Leave it to Les Unione Francaise to enlist the private sector, whereas *notre* sector private greets union AND non-union wage stiffs with a hardy "Baise-toi!"

"Bienvenue à notre plantation, les loseurs stupide!"

thetownliar said...

What does job security in France mean anyway? The government guarantees that you have Johns?

Ho-ho, your pitch-perfect summation of those parasites known as the French government is remarkably accurate.

2Truthy said...

Thanks Townliar.

Anyone who has travelled outside Paris knows, France (as it actually is) doe not sit around fashionable, upscale bistros smoking Gitanes and reading Le Monde Diplomatique. Unlike their government officials. France, in actuality, is smoking Marlboro Lights - or perhaps Superkings - and watching awful TV.