Monday, March 31, 2008

Will HilBama Step up to the Plate on China?

(Photo courtesy/very special thanks to Jersey Cynic at BlondeSense)

It’s Time for “HilBama” to Step up to the Plate on China

Democrats? Are you awake yet?

Still think corporate welfare candidates are the “way to go”? Hmm. Depends on what is meant by “way to go”…the expression in this instance is looking more like “final nail in the coffin for the middle class” since these two Democratic candidates who are pro-NAFTA, pro-handing off your jobs to cheap ‘laborers’ both blue and white collar, and fattening up the portfolios of their tight, inner circle of elites.

Today’s Huffington Post features a timely article by Scott Paul entitled “It’s Time for Obama and Clinton to Step up to the Plate on China.” Given McCain’s admitted lack of understanding on the economy he won’t -- and the best that any Democrat could ever hope for is that the two-headed corporate welfare candidate, HilBama, would tell Congress, The State Department, BigPharma and don’t forget the Tech Lobby to shove it. HA! One can dream…

In the article, Mr. Paul raises the same questions millions of Americans facing record, rising unemployment/underemployment rates with no access to healthcare want to know:

Why are we sending the "butchers of Beijing" our manufacturing jobs, consumer dollars, and technological know-how to China when all we have to show for it are low-cost, under-inspected, and, all too often, unsafe and deadly consumer products like poisonous food, lead-tainted toys and medicine from China?

I have written about the Chinese laughing their asses off at the United States before here and here, and I can’t say I’m surprised that the Democrats have done nothing to unite and hold the candidates accountable.

Can the fallout of a lack of oversight over consumer tainted consumer products and services happen to anyone? “Yes!” assures actor Dennis Quaid, who recounted in this exclusive 60 Minutes interview the harrowing ordeal he and his wife, Kimberly endured while their newborn twins fought for their lives after being given a a near-fatal drug overdose of heparin. Note at the end of the interview, although this specific incident was ruled as an overdose caused by human error, 60 Minutes quickly revealed at the very end of the interview the following:

“Since the Quaid incident, Baxter International has voluntarily recalled all supplies of Heparin from the market. It had nothing to do with the Quaids, but with possible contamination at a Chinese manufacturing facility that may have contributed to at least 19 deaths.”

Watching Dennis and Kimberly Quaid describe their complete helplessness in this nightmarish account of how their infants suffered was enough to render anyone who watched this interview “helpless” in the knowledge that we have no control over a few greedy Congressmen, State Department officials, BigPharma executives and hospital administrators who are protected by corporate welfare backed politicians. Why are our taxpayer dollars not going to sufficiently staff the FDA with competent officials to safely regulate U.S. imports? Have these jobs, too, been outsourced to China and India?

To this extent, who can blame the greedy Republicans or even the ruthless Chinese who have flipped the bird at human rights standards for thousands of years when American citizens won't rise up against our own corrupt government? Why, I still even have my salmonella tainted jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter duct-taped in the pantry -- and that was an American processing plant “error.”

We can all thank the self-absorbed, panty-waisted so-called “progressives” (a label I used to be proud of) and the corporate media gatekeepers who are smart enough to know better but so greedy and arrogant and desperate to be first in line at the trough, they will parrot the party line of the “me-too” faux Democratic candidates before ever uniting and holding them accountable.



Citizen Carrie said...

Re: Scott Paul's article at HuffPo, I'm glad SOMEBODY'S talking about the US giving everything away to China. None of our politicians dares to upset the cart because of this: (Elaine's pictures are sure worth a thousand words, aren't they?)

Poor David Sirota! He can't be everything to everyone, but why does he spend so much time on what HilBama are saying instead of what they're NOT saying?

2Truthy said...

Thanks, CC, for Elaine's link. Her blog/artwork are fantastic!

"Poor Sirota": Is he carrying Tom Friedman's bags these days or what?
His former anti-corporate welfare posts used to be so "erudite." He now must be spending what must be excrutiating HOURS of anguishing analysis on how not to reveal anything useful to anyone not "in the know"?

'The Party of Empty Rhetoric' is getting a little crowded and, as in the game of 'Musical Chairs', everybody is shoving everyone else out of the way looking for an empty seat. At least there are still guys with anti-hubris antennae and integrity out there like Ron Paul, who consistently delivers the message. said...

Scott Paul! not RON...