Friday, May 18, 2007

China To America: Eat That Shit Or We Shoot This Dog

Why U.S. Doesn't Stop Tainted Food from China

Wondering why (even just a little) all of those Ford Taurus driving “G” license plates wielding, grey pallored State Department trade policy wonks keep screaming wildly to China:

“Please, pleaaaaasssse, shove some more melamine tainted pet food and people food up our big, fat, super sized YING YANGS and we’ll forget all about the beef you have with our mad-cow beef, just keep buying our iPods and TRY not to pirate the intellectual property!! Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tired of China laughing at us with our “insatiable” addiction to poisonous and tainted food and medicines from their country including “dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical. Frozen catfish laden with banned antibiotics. Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria. Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides” yet?

Good news and bad news: Noting that we humans in this country are nothing but a bunch of beastly whiners when it comes to our consumer protections, but nothing like a few pets keeling over to get the attention of the media and this excellent weekend WAPO article by Rick Weiss says it all

According to the article, the United States finds itself "kowtowing to China," Cassidy said, even as that country keeps sending American consumers adulterated and mislabeled foods.

“It's not just about cheap imports,” added Carol Tucker Foreman, a former assistant secretary of agriculture now at the Consumer Federation of America.
"Our farmers and food processors have drooled for years to be able to sell their food to that massive market," Foreman said. "The Chinese counterfeit. They have a serious piracy
problem. But we put up with it because we want to sell to them."

What does this tell us? Our corporations can keep shoving billions of iPods at China and we the People in return have to bite the bullet – or take the bullet with whatever they can pull out of their YING YANG under the guise of “free-trade.” Now THAT’S progress, I tell ya.

It is time for the People of this country to stop pretending that our government is working for us and change our M.O.



Anonymous said...

Cool video.I was actually surprised to read such a blunt, pissed off view from the W. Post. Encouraging.

BF said...

You have a good post here.
The pimps on Sand Hill Road and America's Neofeudal International Elite have voted with their feet and turned China's 1.8 Billion rice farmers into the greatest manufacturing juggernaut in the history of the world.

Did you enjoy Matewan? Do you remember the AFL/CIO? Do you remember any of it? Does ANYONE remember organzied labor because over the last half-generation American capital has found an massive end run over eveything that Labor had ever achieved.

Outsource cheap overseas labor? You want scabs?

Joseph W. Sixpack Jr., whose smart and industrious and Chicago father made a very good union wage back in the 70s thinks he's been promoted into management now thinks that he has been promoted into management because he wears a tie and makes eleven dollars an hour at Circuit City bringing in all the stuff we don't make anymore.

ucdan said...

There are people getting fat as hell in China that are becoming the new republicans in the middle of the reddest country on the fucking planet.
The communist party guys in China are at the head of the trough and they are still talking red. It's hilarious, 2truthy.
They are getting fat, and they are on the take and the most corrupt country on the planet (except for Nigeria).
Bangladesh is number 2.
The thing about China is that the stakes are real. You are talking real corruption. You feel bad for Nigera and Bangladesh because they are not getting a piece of it.

Anonymous said...

So I been chewing on this cast-lead toy with a label that say "Made Entirely In China". But I'm not about to touch that Peanut Butter sandwich! Rats, cockroaches, faeces and everything nice, dry roasted to perfection!