Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2Truthy's Scooter Libby Trial Movie Casting Picks

-The Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson CIA Leak Saga-

Starring Lisa Kudrow and Sean Penn

I have always thought that former Friends star, Lisa Kudrow, bore a striking resemblance to Valerie Plame. Aside from the fair haired blonde profile, I think it's the nose...

Add Sean Penn to play the role of Joe, and you get a CIA-spooksville match made in Hollywood.

And who could deny that James Woods (The Boost) would not make the most awesome Scooter Libby? Reunite Sean Young (The Boost) with Woods to play the role of Judith Miller to add a certain j'ne sais qouis to the mix, and hold onto your seats!

Variety reports that Warner Bros. announced it is making a movie about the lives of Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson. Should the movie venture into the murky waters of the Scooter Libby Trial, here are 2Truthy's top casting picks:


Scooter Libby: James Woods
Judith Miller: Sean Young
Tim Russert: Kevin Spacey
Patrick Fitzgerald: Tim Robbins
Ted Wells: Samuel L. Jackson
Valerie Plame: Lisa Kudrow
Joe Wilson: Sean Penn
Dick Cheney: Brian Dennehey
Mary Matalin: Celine Dion



gerg said...

good eye, 2truthy.wrap a headscarf around her hair with black sunglasses and stick her in a convertible and she looks like just like Plame.

Anonymous said...


Who could play Bush? That guy from SNL, but this has got to be a *Serious* movie, right?

Anonymous said...

Tim Robbins would be perfect to play Fitzgerald. Scorcese for Director:)

wcref said...

Forgot Rove. Leonardo Dicaprio.