Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hillary Clinton: "I Did NOT Call That Man A Faggot"

- NY Times Compares Hatemonger Ann Coulter to Hillary Clinton-

Remember when Ann Coulter called John Edwards a "faggot"? I said to myself, "Hot damn, that hotshot little Carolina lawyer is a POOFSTER? Sheeeeeeit!!, I didn't know that. Not AT ALL...

Seriously: how does one pull off slandering a first rate trial lawyer who has decided to run for President of the United States? I know he's a public figure and all....but

There's "The Party of Hate", otherwise known as the Republican party, which the despicable Goddess of Hatism, Ann Coulter, stumps for. And then, there is the corporatist driven faction of the party that is 'supposed' to stand for Democratic values (but doesn't) otherwise passed off to the rest of us as the DLC, which Hillary Clinton, Democratic Presidential contender, represents.

But how Adam Nagourney came up with comparing Coulter to Hillary when he wrote the following in the NY Times leaves little to the imagination of his support or lack thereof of HRC:

"The question of whether the remark was offensive enough aside, the Edwards campaign saw an opportunity in the remarks of a woman who is about as popular in liberal Democratic circles as [Sen.] Hillary Rodham Clinton [D-NY] is in Republican circles (not very). Mr. [David] Bonior [Edwards' campaign manager] sent an e-mail to supporters last night urging them to make contributions to the Edwards campaign."

Low blow or politics as usual? To compare HRC to the sick, soulless manipulator Coulter is inexcusable, under any circumstances.


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