Thursday, February 8, 2007

Will Obama Swab The Poopdeck?

"Sometimes you have to trim your sails." -Barack Obama

When does David Sirota ever sleep? I remember reading his exceptional, as always, revealing Nation piece last summer about Barack Obama, where he described

'God' calling him on his cellphone -- LOL!

If Obama is the voice of God on cellphones, then Sirota is the God of progressive journalism. In today's HuffPo, David offers another excellent post entitled "I Want To Believe", that further explores Barack's intentions on the heels of the fine Obama portrait he portrayed so well in his assessment of Barack Obama in the earlier the Nation piece above

especially where he included his explanation about Obama's vote on the class action bill and then Obama's quote

"sometimes you have to trim your sails."

Barack the sailor man? As I see it, even 'God' can be seduced by lobbyists, and no amount of Dramamine or rum is going to knock the wind out of this guy's sails once his campaign leaves the dock. But I have my doubts about his direction.

Gibson interviewed Barack and Hillary a couple of weeks ago on healthcare and, while Hillary smoothly rattled off a complicated, thumbnail sketch of a plan that would basically favor corporations and insurance companies and screw the average consumer (think over 47 million uninsured), Barack clearly, did not know what he was talking about -- with the possible exception of knowing that he didn't want to say anything that would piss off the insurance lobby.

Obama's powerful voice and commanding presence have a mesmerizing quality, and that is what is scary about Obama: his handlers could have him say just about ANYTHING and people would follow his direction like converts at a Baptist revival. Like most politicians who, after earning or falling into enough money to not have to worry about retirement, Barack has unfortunately demonstrated the art of 'appeasement first' politics, which, at this juncture in our broken government, is not the kind of president this country needs to lead us out of this vicious cycle of corruption, greed and war.

I want to believe that this 'appeasement first' tack is a clever way to lower the boom on the culture of corporate corruption should he make it to the White House.


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