Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bush Takes Aim At Public Broadcasting: AGAIN!

The Pundit Connection
Lyrics by 2Truthy

Many of you will recall that this entertaining little post you are reading right now was originally posted back in June, 2006.

Back then, it was originally titled "The Asshole Connection", with reference to Big Media always cramming faux news (think Fox, Russert, etc.) down our throats with their stacked lineup of talking heads and guest "pundits." Disclaimer: these two pictured above have nothing to do (as far as I know) with Bush trying - yes AGAIN -- to slash funding for NPR and PBS. This week, Bush proposed a new budget with devastating cuts to public broadcasting. "Sesame Street" and other ad-free kids' shows are under the knife. Again. So is the independent journalism our country needs. But the main impetus for this post is to hold out hope against hope that these "pundits" - (can you guess which one has a line to Bush?) will find Jesus and use their talking head celebrity to make some real goddamned change for the better around the beltway so that the KIDS can watch fucking Sesame Street.

The Pundit Connection
Why are there so many songs about pundits
And what's on the other side?
We're just cute puppets they call us the Muppets
We're against an act cruel and snide.
So we've been told that the House wants to sack us
It's up to you kids -- set us free!
Go to your mommies and daddies and tell them
to get money for CPB. (Corporation for Public Broadcasting).

Who said that everyone could afford cable TV
When they don't even have a car?
Some live in trash cans while others eat gourmet hams
Do they know how lucky they are?
What's so important that makes that Pat Harrison
Want to take us off the TV?
I'm really pissed off, at all of the whack-offs,
The meannies, the smug and Cheney.

All of us under their spell,
We know it's both Texas and Hell...

Have you seen Mary Matalin
And have you seen Carvillle?
They're always gnarling like hounds.

Is this the dark sound that calls old Lex Luthor
To deep six us into the ground?
Those two get airplay about their bad hair days
It's something that's not supposed to be.
When will good things matter, above all the chatter
Of meannies, the smug and Cheney.
La, la la, La, la la la, La Laa, la la, La, La la laaaaaaa

My name is Kermit not Dylan McDermott
I'm not as good looking a star...
Is this why Pat Harrison made this unfair comparison
that's what it looks like, so far.
But she and others just like her with money
so much of it we'll never see
How about they all pay to keep us on one more day
The meannies, the smug and Cheney.


GOP Takes Aim At Public Broadcasting - The Boston Globe

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Anonymous said...

This song is cathcy!!!!!hilarious, 2truthy! Hope the kids get to keep their shows.

cj said...

I can't get this out of my head now.2funny 2troothy.
repugs do this all the time. Every time they threaten to can public broadcasting, they get their asses handed back to them.