Thursday, February 22, 2007


"Barack is trickier than Hillary." -Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Well, the picture says it all. Take one look at Hillary and you can see how she is just in no mood to apologize for her Iraq vote. Take a closer look and you will see Barack thinking hard about deflecting the next question. But in the center, you will find the most hardworking, intelligent, graceful yet straightforward politician of our times, Maxine Waters. It is a shame she is not running for president, for this is a woman who understands the needs of the majority of Americans and what it takes to maneuvre the political ropes.
Maxine Waters gets it! Read her sane and sound recent position on Iraq and Barack:
"At 8.4 billion dollars per month,
money spent on the Iraq war could fund a renaissance of urban America and the nation's infrastructure, creating real jobs anchoring real families in an economy that is not fueled by the U.S. weapons of mass destruction industry. Every lawmaker and candidate that employs "nuancing and tip-toeing" to avoid bringing the Iraq war to a quick and definitive end, is objectively opposed to domestic American renewal - and to world peace.
Democratic primary voters will not speak for a year - all the chattering to date comes from corporate pundits, working their horse-race sheets. However, Barack Obama's cynical maneuvering presents a serious problem for the Black political class, most of whom are anti-war, as are their constituents. Where will they stand, in the face of corporate media-generated Obama-mania - when the presidential candidate is determined to stand nowhere at all?"


BoskoLives said...

I have to believe that Barack Obama is being set up, that is being pushed along undercover by the Repugs, I think that they have something on him that they are saving until it's too late in the race to replace him. It may be something he said, he did, or it might be a swiftboat attack based on nothing that will catch him blindsided, whilst images of election sugarplums are dancing in his head. I have to hope his campaign staff are playing devil's advocate with him, sort of doing a lot of mental jumprope exercises to prepare for this.

2Truthy said...

Barack and Hillary have an almost identical voting record with scores somewhere in the upper 80's (on a scale of 1-100, 1 being 'liberal'.)
Both support more conservative and "corporatist" agendas which candidates of both parties can use against them.

montag said...

Play a game and think of USA society as a Darwinian process.

Ms. Waters does not have the money raising gene?
Renaissance of urban America and the nation's infrastructure are not memes that will survive?

We reward a different type of behavior. That is the type that will survive.
As crazy as it sounds, the present situation rewards standing nowhere.
Thus, those who stand nowhere will be the survivors.

They will stand exactly nowhere, until, like our present President, they are forced by events to take a serious stand.
At this point, since they are expert at not being committed to any stand or morality, it will be a coin toss whether their choice be a success or catastrophe.