Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Barry Bonds: A Colleague's Congratulations -- A Toast to Anabolic Steroids

East German Track and Field Star Congratulates Barry Bonds

Heidi Kreiger, medal winner on the East German track and field team in 1976, offered her congratulations to Barry Bonds on hitting his record-breaking home run.

In Addition

Andreas Kreiger, formerly known as Heidi Kreiger, also offered his congratulations to the steroid-enabled slugger, and suggested that the two of them “might get together for a drink real soon.”

It worked for Barry!


Citizen Carrie said...

Bud Selig should have been at the ballpark when Bonds hit his 756th home run. Selig was around during the late 1990's when those freakish monsters were hitting all of those homeruns, but he chose not to step in. In fact, I don't think MLB even HAD a policy against steroid use back then.

2Truthy said...

MLB's policy, according to some White Sox fans I know, was to look the other way.

An SF cab driver earlier this week weighed in on athletic steroid abuse. He told me he played a litlle baseball in his youth and how he thought steroid players make the game more interesting. He said this approximation

"When you gotta sweat in the sun everyday and on many of them, you don't even wanna be out there and you're tired but you love the game and you know other guys are doing it well you think hard about it. Plus it makes it better for people watching the game."

Hmmm. Wonder how B.B.'s kidney's are holidng up. Look at what steroid abuse did to Ahnuld...he is on kidney dialysis, a hush- hush fact about Da Govna.

2Truthy said...

citizen carrie,

One more thing: when you described "those FREAKISH MONSTERS" who were hitting all those homers, well, that apt visual description is what jogged my memory about Arnold Schwarzenegger's steroid abuse and blown out kidneys...)