Thursday, August 23, 2007

Larry Craig: Man in the Glass Stall

The Man in the Glass Stall

Larry Craig: The Making and Breaking of a Self-loathing Republican Senator from Idaho

What is it about Republicans – Craig, Foley, Haggard, etc. when it comes to sex – especially the gay ones --- that makes them, above ALL other parties ---(as in ‘the only other one’) SO hypocritical?

“He got feet down below his knees”…Turns out that Republican Senator Larry Craig, was busted in June for playing footsie in the bathroom at the Minnesota Airport with an undercover police officer.

Talk about “toe jam football”…The arrest was made after the undercover officer was seated in a stall next to a stall occupied by Craig, where Craig allegedly began tapping his foot -- a signal the officer “recognized as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct.” So then guess what? The undercover officer tapped his foot back, too! Does that make him gay? Call me crazy, but aren’t there better things for cops (overt or covert) to be doing around airports these days, like say, looking for terrorists than playing footsie with Senators in bathroom stalls? Meanwhile, Larry Craig has a website which purportedly addresses his anti-gay views under “Idaho Family Values”

“Hold you in his arms yeah, you can feel his disease”…When it comes to hypocrisy, the Republicans really know how to hit one out of the park! As my hero Al Franken queried, Can you guys explain this to me? You‘re Republicans. What is about anti-gay gay Republicans? What is that strain?

The Man in the Glass Booth. In a strikingly similar case of how self-loathing is rooted in hypocrisy, Maximillian Schell’s smack-down performance in his starring role in “The Man in the Glass Booth”, where he plays a self-loathing Jew comes to mind.

The Republican Party tends to attract a disproportionate number of Cotton Matherish, self-loathing, closet leaning bunch that generates voters who actually vote in a very anti-gay way. As Democrat and Minnesota Senatorial candidate Al Franken notes, “I mean, and it‘s just—it does—I got to tell you, it strikes people who believe in gay rights as just odd -- our gay guys don‘t vote like your gay guys.”

Will the punishment fit the crime? Well, my guess is he’s goin’ down” oh wait – I guess he already did that…but while the Gay Old Party trolls the halls of bathroom stalls to the Capital, no one can accuse the Republicans of not having their shit together when it comes to amassing a voting bloc of hypocrites—especially the repressed ones.

Am I glad Idaho Senator Larry Craig got busted? You betcha. The more ‘Family Values” cocksuckers exposed, the better.


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