Sunday, August 19, 2007

Were You Born An Asshole?

They Deserve It

“We will bring transparency and openness to the budget process and to the use of earmarks, and we will give the American people the leadership they deserve.”
-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

What is it about most Americans, on both the left and right -- that makes them so passive? Above is the picture of an ad that Intel placed which reflects the modern day American mindset. From asshat media whores and hustling political authors to corporate blowhards and politicians, everybody wants to be a frat boy, like the smug creature pictured in this discriminating ad or they at the very least want 'access' to them. Swell.

But what is it about Americans who fall in line with jerks like this? Is it their big, oversized SUV's where they park their big, oversized derrieres when they're not watching their big, oversized TV sets while feeding on their big, oversized portions of anything they can get their big, oversized mitts on? While the War on the Middle Class rages on with the subprime lending scam, impending recession and a Congress and presidential candidates committed to selling off what's left of our disappearing white collar jobs, our House Speaker cavorts with technology executives and other Plutocrats like Ted Kennedy and Al Gore to cook up a bill behind closed doors that will raise or remove the H1-b cap and open the floodgates to get rid of your neighbors, friends and family members' jobs -- jobs that they have heavily invested in with their educations.
The tech industry lobbies hard for more visas for high-skilled temporary workers. But in reality, the program is dominated by low-wage workers with rank-and-file skills. Rather than preventing work from going overseas, the program is speeding it up. In a recent article published in the American Prospect by Ron Hira, he offers a few suggestions for this reversible scam against educated Americans.
What are voters going to do about this come election time? Vote for another corporte welfare whore? Who cares? By the looks of things with Americans across the country, it is A-OK with this loutish lot and the enabling assholes in media, (with the exception of Lou Dobbs and a few citizen journalists like Citizen Carrie of Carrie's Nation, the Sherlock Holmes of H1-b scam exposure) who make sure we don't get any "real reporting" on this issue and others that matter in the lives of middle class Americans.

What's wrong with Kansas? Drive around the country and ask the average person, say, in Kansas, what they think about this and they will basically tell you that since corporate CEO's are generally smarter and work longer hours, they actually deserve to bag a zillion times more $$$ than their lowly selves. What's the response to this, other than "you're one stupid, sorry S.O.B."? Is it too late to overthrow this "group of frat boys, lawyers, and CEOs who came to convince a nation that they spoke on behalf of the People?"

The master/slave relationship in America is alive and well, no thanks to the Kool-Aid swilling assholes in the media, who cavort with this band of elected thugs and corporate elites. How is it that, over the past fifty years, we have elected politicians who have jammed corporate welfare policies that work to our detriment as we keep rowing and shout out "keep it coming, master, we're sooooo not worthy?"
Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me...Indeed.
Like Nancy "Impeachment is off the Table" Pelosi says, the American people get the leadership they deserve.


Citizen Carrie said...

I was one of those blind Americans until fairly recently. I fell for all of that "benefits of globalization" and "skills shortage" crap until even I was able to figure out that us middle-class Americans are not only failing to tread water, we're actually sinking. The subprime mortgage crisis is only the symptom of an underlying problem, which is, Americans can no longer afford to live the way they used to.

2Truthy said...

Hey Citizen Carrie,

The whole "lift all boats" flim-flam has sunk more than a few million middle class sea-worthy vessels in our country where 'speaking power to truth' has not ever been questioned by most.

Unlike Latin America, our media, both local and national, keep the discussion of reevaluating our social and economic priorites as they relate to labor and health care conspicuously at bay.

Hell, we can't even get Pelosi to put impeachment "on the table" and that says just about everything about what might be occupying her time -- and it ain't the needs of the people of this country but of her corporate cronies demanding higher or unlimited h-1b visa caps.

Now that Rupert Murdoch is in a buying frenzy (the excellent Financial Times his next victim?), the propaganda machine is picking up steam. Like Latin America, once people of the USA are finally kicked to the streets, only then will there be any noise.

I guess we don't have all those fabulous Starbucks around every corner for nothin', lest to keep the sheeple caffeinated and wired to the internet -- which may be all Americans need.

Perry said...



Perry said...

I meant FLOSSMOOR, this one's for you.