Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Is John Edwards The New Marie Antoinette?

Is John Edwards the New Marie Antoinette?

John Edwards wants to get tough on lobbyists, as he challenged his two frontrunner rivals, Clinton and Obama, to not accept lobbyist money at last week's Yearly Kos Convention. Sounds great, right? Read more below. But first, a word on his hair: So what if John Edwards gets a $400 haircut...If mega multimillionairre Edwards can't get a $400 haircut, who the hell can?

The real scandal would be if he got a $10 haircut and didn't leave a tip...

Time to get off that tired, hypocritical, Bolshevik bandwagon and recognize that the guy actually earned his money -- unlike some silver-spooned, trust fund morons we know who inhabit the Big House...But where does Edwards stand on selling out our white collar jobs with H-1B? He never talks about it -- only about 'poverty', which is of course good. If you take a closer look at the Dem candidates, Dennis Kucinich is really the only one who pulls no punches when it comes time to speaking truth to power for middle class, working America.

Back to John Edwards, who so valiantly challenged his two rival frontrunners, Clinton and Obama, to not accept lobbyist money at the Yearly Kos convention.

But what does that mean? Does this mean that corporate money is going to just suddenly stop getting into the campaign coffers of candidates like Edwards to do their bidding against the middle class? Oh really? How would that work? Hmmm...Instead of having a lobbyist deposit the loot, all guys like Edwards would have to do is have a secret little schmooze fest with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group that the media miraculously eludes covering someplace either at Google HQ (otherwise known in these parts as "The Dump") or at one of the frat boy VC's gated and moated McMansions and pick up the check. That'll work!

Get tough on lobbyists, John Edwards! The plebes can choke that right down along with the cake!

Now that corporations like Darth Google, for example -- one of the major H1-B outsourcer/insourcers replacing educated Americans with cheap foreign labor, what about the corporations who he is taking money from, especially the technology corporations who lie and spin the 'GREAT LABOR SHORTAGE MYTH' and the 'GREAT EDUCATION MYTH' like Google, Oracle, Cisco and Microsoft?

Edwards seems to intend to be silent on H-1B unless he is addressing lobbyists at private meetings. Everything points to Edwards deliberately avoiding the subject of H-1B in order to deceive his supporters. Big deal that he says he won't take lobbyist money; but he will be happy take corporate money by other means. This week, Edwards discussed the problem of American job losses on Lou Dobbs and was never challenged.

Where are the progressive journalists to investigate the otherwise noble Edwards' stand on selling out our jobs? Where are the journalists to grill ALL of the candidates on this pressing issue facing millions of Americans who will lose their jobs to the third world in this upcoming recession that analysts predict will hit by 2010? What candidate will be in the White House then, high-fiving the sociopathic corporate elites and venture capitalists who have rigged these myths to create a society of haves and have nots on the backs of the middle class?

Great that he says he wants to essentially boycott lobbyists -- a good start --- but what we need is a candidate who wants to stop taking money from corporations, period. Edwards says it's time for change? How about changing the way corporations get rid of American middle class white collar jobs and outsource and insource to get cheap labor. Are middle class Americans really ready for change or just more status quo B.S. from candidates and journalists who profit from the corporations who buy them at our expense? So far, the ONLY thing Edwards is talking about doing is expanding welfare at the poverty level while he conspicuously leaves out any mention of reforming the H1-B program that is ridding our citizens of white collar jobs. He voted on this before -- what makes us think he won't do it again?

I really want to believe that John Edwards will tell the greedy corporations to shove their money with the VC's they rode in on, but why do I think that just won't happen? Perhaps John Edwards is not the People's candidate after all, but just another globalist's puppet who has hit the Kool-Aid stand. With a good haircut.

The candidate that stands up for working middle class Americans gets my vote. Maybe that's no vote at all.

"Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn't. You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified and excusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country, let men label you as they may." - Mark Twain



Citizen Carrie said...

Here are a couple of links showing a glimpse of how John Edwards stands on the H-1B issue. It's not pretty:

2Truthy said...

Thanks for these links, citizen carrie.

It would appear that the Silicon Valley Kool-Aid stand manufacturers have indeed hooked the former Senator with big hair.

Note that when these tech lobby beholden candidates pull into town, like Edwards did most recently, it is to appear at closed corporate meetings only and the fundraisers held by those same elites.

Edwards has appeared here for a couple of staged, "cheap seats" mock sessions where he gets onstage to speak (and he is a master and 'convincingly' delivering the 'feel your pain' message) but then afterwards, abruptly shakes the hands of a few well-wishers who stand in line.

Anonymous said...

Edwards lost me on his outsourcing support.I thought he was the real deal and still think he is out of the three of them.

Anonymous said...

It comes down to who is, of both party candidates, the best actor on the stage of framing jobs (for Americans) as the number one issue in this country.