Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grace Slick: "It Ain't What You Want It's What You Need"

- Jerry Garcia, lead guitar on "Sketches of China" with Jefferson Starship and Friends- Portrait by Grace Slick
"What is the great American sin? Extravagence? Vice? Graft? No; it is a kind of half-humorous, good-natured indifference, a lack of "concentrated indignation" as my English friend calls it, which allows extravagance and vice to flourish. Trace most of our ills to their source, and it is found that they exist by virtue of an easy-going, fatalistic indifference which dislikes to have its comfort disturbed....The most shameless greed, the most sickening industrial atrocities, the most appalling public scandals are exposed, but a half-cynical and wholly indifferent public passes them by with hardly a shrug of the shoulders; and they are lost in the medley of events. This is the great American sin."
-Joseph Fort Newman, Atlantic Monthly, October 1922
Baron Von Toll Booth and The Ballad of the Chrome Nun has got to be Grace Slick's magnum opus of studio recordings on record. Listen to the finest, most extraordinarily beautiful and bewilderingly magnificent "Sketches of China"

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