Friday, May 16, 2008

Bush Impresses Chairman Hu Jintao With Diplomacy Skills

- Putting Out Fire With Gasoline-
(Special thanks to David Bowie/Photo credits Mel Toast)

HAHA! Just like a Tom cat trying to get a Cryptorchid disqualified from appearing in the annual feline show, it's always nice to see the President of the Free World and China's Chairman Hu Jintao trying to (if in vain) work things out... especially before the Summer Olympics and before the Chinese call in the debt.

Happy Friday!



Citizen Carrie said...

I think all parents know what it's like to be friends with another couple, while all of the children involved hate each other.

That's what I think of in this situation. The elders (Bush, Sr. and Deng Xiaoping) got along great, while the younger generation (W. and Hu Jintao) can't stop quarreling.

2Truthy said...

Right, and you'd think that these two crazy kids were in some kind of competition to take over the world, or something:)