Friday, May 30, 2008

Isolated Tribe Spotted in Brazilian Rain Forest

but wait...

Isolated Tribe Spotted in Brazilian Rain Forest Apparently Voting for Obama
(Photo credits Mel Toast )

BBC News One of South America's few remaining indigenous tribes has been spotted and photographed on the border between Brazil and Peru.

Just like at home in the U.S., where the otherwise indistinguishable tribe of Democrats just can’t seem to decide between Barry or Hillz and it’s tearing up ancient, cherished traditions!

According to Stephen Corry, director of The group Survival International which supports tribal people around the world, such tribes would "soon be made extinct" if their land was not protected. More than half the world's 100 remaining tribes live in Brazil or Peru. For anyone wondering why the Brazilian Rain Forest is being logged to smithereens to grow sugar cane and raise beef for an exponentially growing global population, one need look no further than to the short-sighted, highly profiteering minds of a few enterprising politicians enabled by their wealthy enterprising business pals in the new bubble, ethanol.

Can the Amazon be exploited without being destroyed? “Bloody Hell!” shouts one Prince of England, Prince Charles. In an interview with the BBC, he correctly asserts

“The world could not wait for new technologies to provide the answer to climate change” and that “halting the destruction of forests was the single most effective method of cutting so-called greenhouse gases.”



Citizen Carrie said...

Thanks for keeping on top of what promises to be the next bubble. It's sickening to see disaster coming, where there's not a thing we can do about it.

2Truthy said...

The gross-out part about it all for me is knowing how some of these insiders have co-opted the viral media cultists into passing out the Kool-Aid to the college kiddies come November, betting on them tumbling out of bed to skip class and cast their ballots for the mighty messiah who will help grease the skids for their ultimate "reward." You know the sites. Gack.