Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

- Dancing Around the Maypole at the Lakeside, OH Strawberry Festival-

Danny Schecter of Mediachannel.Org has written the mother of all May Day articles entitled The Fire Bell in the Night and Our Real Terror that is a timely plea for all citizens of this country to just (as Cher so famously put it in her Moonstruck scene when she slapped Nic Cage) "SNAP OUT OF IT!!!"

Danny has been researching and reporting on the subprime mortgage crisis before anyone bothered to pay attention. Today, people are paying attention. So how bad is it?

"While we debate Reverend Wright the economy goes to hell" two things are happening in, at least the mind of yours truly: (one), I'm beginning to like Reverend Wright a hell of a lot more and (two), realize (duh) that he is being used by our corporate welfare backed media to distract fire and brimstone minded voters, keeping the public discourse once again, off the scent while this perfect storm of white collar job outsourcing, dwinding paychecks, home foreclosures, lack of access to healthcare, tainted food/products, eroding civil liberties with no accountable government oversight, it's like NOBODY is driving the car!

"The Housing Panic blog reaches into history to remind us of an uprising that saw martial law imposed in Iowa in 1933 after “a mob of 150 farmers dragged Circuit Judge Charles C. Bradley from the bench, manhandled the 60-year-old jurist and threatened to lynch him unless he promised not to sign further foreclosure orders.” Don’t think never again. If has come to this—it can come to that." -D.S.

Happy May Day!


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ureader said...

DS is a corporate shill. Waste of time.

Plus, he hangs out with sycophants.