Wednesday, May 28, 2008

George Clooney a Free Agent: From the Desk of Quincy


From the Desk of Quincy

Guess what everybody?

George Clooney broke up with his girlfriend Sara Larson. She seemed nice only her age probably was a problem for George, but in dog years (like Pig years) if you multiply her age (29) times seven, well, she’d be an old battle axe by anyone’s stretch of the imagination for someone like George who is (47) and gets a pass on dog/pig years because he’s a big movie star. Maybe now he will have more time to devote to worthy endeavors and lend his celebrity to Pigs right’s issues, especially after the loss of his companion, Max.

I like George Clooney because he likes hogs. Did you know that motorcycles are called “hogs” too? I don’t understand why motorcycles are named after one of the smartest species on the planet, unless it’s because a lot of people who like to ride around on them like to drive them around in the mud. Hahahaha, very funny, but that’s just another vicious stereotype because what most people don’t know is Pigs are really very neat (you should SEE 2Truthy’s house when the maids don’t show up…) I keep my room tidy and have a “knock twice first” before you come in sign on the door just in case I’ve slacked off for any reason.

Anyway, George rides around on a motorcycle and did you know that he even got into an accident when he lost control of riding it? (Thank goodness no one sustained life threatening injuries, or bought the farm.) That’s why I’m going to be watching Leatherheads, which looks like more fun than capturing a platoon of German soldiers! It’s George’s new movie where they get to play football in the mud. Yay! Even if it did get lousy reviews, I still want to see it because his other old girlfriend, Renee Zellweger is in it.

Go Bulldogs!


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