Monday, October 20, 2008

If I Were a Carpenter: In Memory of Levi Stubbs

6/6/36 -10/17/08

It's Motown 24/7 at LWOH, where we will be featuring The Four Tops this week in memory of the late, great Levi Stubbs.

As an Accordionist who has dabbled around with the piano keys and always maintains she was a black gospel singer with pipes quite arguably almost-in- a-million-years like Mahalia Jackson in a past life, the loss of this Motown pillar has struck a melancholy, minor chord...Ever the sucker for a minor chord, yours truly today features this Four Tops gem of a minor chord Tim Hardin arrangement, "If I Were a Carpenter", delivered with Stubbs' signature moody and romantic, pleading gospel vocals that go straight to the heart.

And this, from one of my other favorite all-time female vocalists:

The singer Gladys Knight, the Four Tops' Tamla stable-mate, described Levi Stubbs as an immensely talented and kind man. "His voice was so emotional, crisp with energy and an edge. So many artists don't like to share but he was very unassuming and so very humble."


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