Monday, October 20, 2008

Noam Chomsky Says "Pick the Lesser of Two Evils"

Ali G Interviews Noam Chomsky

Caution: It is not advisable to view the above video without first altering your consciousnes. Exactly how you do this, it's your choice...

Then, right after viewing that, make sure to click here for this Real News Network interview and listen to the venerable Noam Chomsky all over again.

This time, Noam tells you why "picking the lesser of two evils" for POTUS is not only a "good thing", but that it's basically no different than getting to choose between jumping off the Sears Tower (without a parachute) or aiming your parachute into an elaborate mesh of high tension wires during an Oklahoma thunderstorm!

It's true! Either way -- there IS a choice, after all.

Party on, plebes!


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Anonymous said...

Why is Ralph Nader the only one who talks about humane legislation and regulation of sociopaths?