Friday, October 24, 2008


(Click on above youtube video for Prop 8 television ad)

Adorable, happy little girl: “Mom, guess what I learned in school today? I learned how a prince can marry a prince and I can marry a princess!”

Mom: Rendered speechless, with eyes bugging out of her head as if she’s about to have a flippin’ coronary. Sheer terror sets into the kitchen….

What kind of a parental reaction is this to direct at a happy young child? This mom acts like she doesn’t even love her kid. This mom acts like she doesn’t tolerate her kid saying anything she doesn’t think is correct - or much less even like. Instead, this mom acts as if this book “King and King” is about to convert her child into a lesbian – and finally, she’s horrified that her school is actually admitting that homosexuals even exist!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I hope this prop fails, but I do not condone the gay couple's behavior of "protest" by parking their vehicle in front of their property calling the property owners bigots. It was a cowardly and uncivil way to react to this ignorant proposition.

Why didn't they instead go up to the door and talk to the people who hung the sign on their own property about it?

Regardless of whether I agree or not with this prop, the owners have every right to hang their sign on their own property and if, IF the gay couple does not like it, they have every right to place "NO" signs on their property as well. People like this gay couple are taking apart what's left of civil society. I detest this kind of sickening, neanderthal behavior in anyone, whether they are gay or straight or other.

Anonymous said...

I once attended a PTA meeting in a packed auditorium (along with TV news crews). The purpose of the meeting: to discuss the baning of one of the cutest traditions in the grade school: the holloween parade through the classrooms! The religious right was putting forth the argument that to bring images of witches into the school violated their religous rights.

These get-the-government-out-of-my business-and-into-your-bedroom-types are the same ones claiming that Biology textbooks are violating their freedoms by ignoring the creation stories of the bible! Or that "the" ten commandments must be taught in school (showing their ignorance of the fact that the Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant versions are very different)!

I have nightmares of a grinning President Sara Palin, bobbing her head up and down, pumping her fist, and saying in that cute hockey mom accent: "GOD DAMN RIGHT!"