Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taxation without Representation: Dennis Kucinich on the Democrats' Bailout Betrayal

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“This single vote will define the careers of everyone. We are back to taxation without representation, to markets that are openly rigged.”
-Dennis Kucinich on Wall Street Bailout

Truthdig features Chris Hedges’ column this week entitled Dennis Kucinich on the Democrats’ Bailout Betrayal that describes in detail the corporate kleptocracy’s chokehold on our newly deceased democracy and the players on the lifeless Party of FDR who folded, and sold out the Democrats, along with everyone else who isn’t on the Inside Straight.

The $700 billion BANKSTA“bailout” led by a couple of Goldman Sachs alums is of course, no bailout at all, but a giveaway to insiders to sell out their bad bets. Make no mistake that this giveaway is designed to deliver a major, one time mega wealth transfer to insiders who have been playing the system and funneling off the proceeds to themselves, and any fund manager or WS banker knows this. The only thing worse than this is the fact that the more information Democratic voters know about greedy corporate insiders and politicians responsible for selling out America’s middle class, the more rabid many of them become.

Why do voters keep electing corporate welfare queen enablers for presidents? The collapse of Wall Street with the subprime mortgage crisis was brought on by corporate crooks who worked for banks and excelled at accounting fraud (like the kind of fraud that led to the outster of AIG's Maurice Greenberg along with his counterparts at other companies such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which engaged in Enron-esque accounting methods). These converging forces have made the public at large question why we have unelected, former Goldman Sachs bankstas speaking on behalf of the public and then acting against the economy in their claims to “save” it with this unprecedented giveaway.

Party on, plebes!



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Here's a funny song about the Wall Street bailout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZUXXSxZPhw

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