Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick? No Insurance? Get Yourself Arrested

(Very special thanks to the Rolling Stones)

“Sick citizens who follow the law but lack health insurance can expect substandard care and financial ruin. Convicted felons, though, can look forward to free treatment and horticulture classes while they recuperate.”
-The Captive American-

Get yourself arrested!

Granted, this little exercise would not exactly apply to crooks like Maddoff or Skilling since they are deemed “successful” by most economic, ponzi-scheme yardsticks. But hey, if you are one of the increasing millions of educated white collar Americans in this country being sacked from your job because somebody on the TV told you that there is an American labor shortage (yes, this H-1b scam is LEGAL) and that’s why you are or will be replaced by somebody from far away to take your job and why you are now or will be unable to pay for healthcare, help is just a slammer away.

Our good friends at The Captive American report in this timely, pertinent article entitled Sick? No Insurance? Get Yourself Arrested that getting yourself arrested may well be the best thing you ever did if you have no health insurance and are sick. (Never mind having a job, as that train already left the station for Bangalore, courtesy your greedy Congress, Bill Gates, John Chambers, Hillary D-Punjab & Co.) For a more extensive list of "friends" who are kicking your ass and those of your kids to the curb, Citizen Carrie of Carrie's Nation offers some handy ones in The "Give 'Em Hell" Edition here.

Who knew? In this day and age when outsourcing, thuggery, skullduggery, graft, corruption and incivility are de rigueur, affecting the habits of lawless hillbillies and trailer trash may well be just the ticket to a better “American” way of life. This is so exciting!

By all accounts, Elaine Meinel Supkis has chronicled in her blog Culture of Life News how our brand new, shiny, happy pro-tech lobby president-elect who is pro-job outsourcing (wasn’t he elected to lead America and not India?) and his crack team of anti-American citizen, corporate welfare ho/administrators will do everything in their power to ensure that the neo-frat boy, globalist, Have and Have-Not caste system succeeds at job killing right here, and that America’s educated, white collar middle class will go down in history, as, well, going down...

Party on, plebes!



Citizen Carrie said...

While watching a recent Dog Whisperer episode where Cesar Millan was helping female prisoners with their dog rehabiliation program, I noticed a large number of women missing teeth. Hmmh, poor dental care in prison, I thought. But honestly. How much is a root canal and a crown these days, $1,000? More? Who can afford that if they lose their jobs?

2Truthy said...

I hear there's a whole recreational growth industry called DENTAL TOURISM that can be picked up inexpensively for a couple of flasks of tequilla and a song.

Isn't it great to know that one can visit places like Los Cabos, parts of Hungary and other exotic third world destinations where the professionals are concentrated and no longer be limited to horribly boring procedures like boob jobs and liposuction?