Monday, January 26, 2009

Senate Confirms Timothy Geithner

Obama's Treasury Secretary Tax-Cheat Czar, Timothy Geithner

Criminal Defense Attorney J. Tony Serra
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For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON - The Senate voted this evening to confirm Timothy Geithner, President Barack Obama's pick for treasury secretary, after delaying a vote because Geithner failed to pay some of his federal taxes in 2001. And a few other years, too, which the above link fails to mention. But don’t worry. Since Americans won’t have any money left to pay them anyway due to the unrelenting, downward spiral of job cuts due to outsourcing and greedy corporate profit hording, savvy President Obama made an even more savvy political pick by selecting an admitted tax cheat as a role model for the nation’s taxpayers:

“Under normal circumstances, failing to pay your taxes is a surefire way to torpedo your nomination to a Cabinet position”, but Obama’s official decision was based upon “ the race to halt the economic slide before the midterm elections in 2010 which is so tight that President Barack Obama's choice for treasury secretary, New York Federal Reserve Bank chief Timothy Geithner, got a pass on his tax troubles from the president and most senators, Democrats and Republicans.”

Under “normal” circumstances”? Oh, these experts. We’ll just have to trust them.

And what does the midterm election have to do with bailing out a bunch of Wall Street bankers and investors who stash money away where no one will find it? Never mind the fact that $25 Billion of it went to the impeccably managed Citibank, the world’s largest money laundering Queen with over 300 tax haven subsidiaries.

But hey – if Geithner gets a pass, so it goes for Joe Taxpayer, too! Oh that crazy Obama -- can it be that our president is not only a political genius but an altruist, too? Who knew?

Who wanted this bailout again? Nobody! Got that? Except Bush, Congress, Obama and their Wall Street pals and paymasters who we never get to read about. Aside from the fact that U.S. citizens can’t even remotely pay back the ever escalating tab nor can any banks anywhere deal with the ponzi scheme leveraged pile-on that mortgages were turned into, this bailout or TARP is just feathering the nests of the CIA's favorite gangsta bankstas like Goldman Sachs and AIG before the final shooting match. Outfitting this fiscal pig in a bowler hat and tuxedo is bound to confuse the rubes who will go along with the show right up until the final curtain scene when the drawbridge gets pulled up along with the last scraps of your pensions and equity right along with it.

Despite the fact that legendary criminal defense attorney Tony Serra (whom I had the privilege of meeting at a Nader fundraiser in SF last year) who was sentenced to ten months in federal prison for tax evasion and ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution had to do the time, does Obama’s Geithner appointment signal a new direction for tax evasion prosecution for the masses?

Party on, plebes!


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Serra is one noble dude. Thanks for posting this.