Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crooks & Idiots

(Very Special Thanks to the First Lady of Soul)

Secretary of the Treasury Appointee Timothy Geithner

-The 44th President of the United States of America-
Barack Obama

Crooks & Idiots

The 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, hand picked by the Tech Lobby which exerts growing control over emerging Clean & Green technologies in rapid search of government handouts to bolster their personal profits, was sworn in today and wants tax cheat Timothy Geithner sworn in tomorrow, despite the newly sworn-in president’s full knowledge of Geithner’s tax fraud which he swears he “just didn’t know” he committed. I swear, when does the culture of corruption stop? Many had hoped it would stop with the Bush administration and its cronies, who shamelessly used the Office of the People for its own personal piggy bank.

Is Geithner a crook? An idiot? Either way, or both – does he have any business running the Treasury? When did this nation slide into such a depraved cult of crook and idiot worshippers? Obama’s Geithner appointment has White House correspondent Byron York of the National Review raising this important question:

“If he were confirmed as treasury secretary, Geithner would, among other things, oversee the IRS, something that makes his tax problem all the more relevant to his confirmation. “This is the guy who heads up the IRS,” says the senator who is baffled by Geithner’s situation. “All the taxpayers look to him, and when he says, ‘Gee, I don’t know why’—does that become a defense?”

Why would Obama and his supporters want a tax cheat to run the U.S. Treasury?

How would a man of Geithner’s “financial sophistication” who came to the IMF after a stint working as a high-ranking official in the Treasury Department and later left the IMF head up the Federal Reserve Bank of New York make such mistakes on his taxes?

Is this what Obama means when he says he has selected the “best and brightest” to help him lead this country out of economic ruin?

Between the number of corporate welfare AIPAC loving, white collar American job killing “experts” appointed by Obama to head his cabinet to lead this country’s raging war on America’s white collar middle class and his millions of worshippers, you might say that this dynamic duo of lobbyist connected crooks and their idiotic followers are too big to fail.

With the empty albeit free promise of “hope” trumping what should be the promise of power and empowerment for the growing millions of white collar workers losing jobs, healthcare, housing and savings, who is Obama beholden to? His unquestioning supporters defend his every move, with the tired meme “he is inheriting an economic train wreck”, dismissing him of any fault from now until Kingdom Come.

Why won’t Obama promise white collar Americans that he will stop the wholesale sell out of jobs to H-1b visa and green card holders from other countries?

Even today, on this joyous, historic occasion today where the nation celebrates its first African American president, right after hearing his inaugural address, investors went back to selling stocks, sending the major indexes down sharply. Today’s New York Times reports:

“Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange paused at times to watch the inauguration ceremony and President Barack Obama's remarks, but the transition of power did not erase investors' intensifying concerns about the struggling economy. At the close, the Dow Jones industrial average was down more than 330 points, or about percent, while the broader Standard & Poor's 500-stock index fell 5.2 percent.”

We do not need tax cuts. WE NEED OUR JOBS BACK! Stimulating this economy requires more than the dubiously lauded banker bailouts. If there is one thing Obama could do, it is to stop handing white collar jobs to India so that American citizens can get back to work in the fields they invested their educations in so that they can start spending money again on the big ticket items and autos and other bennies that this country’s economic survival depends upon. But the only lipservice Obama has paid to “jobs” is for a few blue collar, “shovel-ready” ones that don’t address the growing millions of white collar citizens who are being cut from payrolls all across the country. What Obama’s supporters fail to ask is whether Obama was elected to be president of the United States or India? Or Israel? During this Depression, this country can’t afford to settle for anything less than a president who will stand up for its citizens first.

It also remains to be seen whether the injection of taxpayer funds will translate into millions of clean green jobs. Ultimately, the stimulus package will only take clean power so far. The U.S. will need some kind of way to put a price on carbon, either through a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system. And, if today’s whopping Dow Jones close of 7949 is any harbinger of what we can hope for, both those items will likely wait until the economy has leveled — and at this point, it’s easy to preclude what a “leveled” economy of Have and Have Nots will look like under the Obama administration.

Let’s hope this old-time habit of crooks and idiots running the country changes.

But, then again, “hope” is for free.

Party on, plebes!



Citizen Carrie said...

Wow, no grace period from you :-) You let Obama have it from Day 1.
You're not going to fall for that strategy where we'll all be enamoured with Hope and Change for the first 100 days while he and his fellows Dems ramrod all sorts of dastardly legislation through Congress.

2Truthy said...

He's only been running for what now, two years? With the well-oiled pool of 'experts' on his team, 100 days is more than enough time to torpedo the plebes.