Monday, May 3, 2010

Lynn Redgrave has Died

 Actress Lynn Redgrave, is shown guest starring in a 2009 scene from the TV series ''Ugly Betty'' in this undated handout released May 3, 2010.
(Credit: Reuters/Patrick Harbron/ABC/Handout)

Connecticut -- Actress Lynn Redgrave has died of breast cancer at the age of 67. 

She was nominated for Oscars in 1966 for "Georgy Girl" and in 1998 for "Gods and Monsters". In London I first saw her in her starring role in Georgy Girl as the "gawky  soft-hearted, badly-dressed young woman who clowns and wise-cracks to cover her emotional inadequacies, and to hide her envy of the casual love affairs engaged in by her London roommate, Merdith (Charlotte Rampling)." Alan Bates was great, too. So was James Mason. And the Seekers.

R.I.P., Lynn Redgrave.



Melvin Toast said...

Hey there, Georgie Girl! There's another Georgie deep inside . . .

I used to play that song as a kid.

Great actress.

2Truthy said...

She put The Seekers on the map.

Melvin Toast said...

Enough with the flippin' Seekers.
Where's the South Park scoop??