Friday, May 28, 2010

Steve Jobs, Foxconn Suicides and Bringing Jobs Home

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Is Steve Jobs Robbing Americans of Jobs, While Simultaneously Robbing the Chinese of Their Youth?

Don Sears at eWeek reports that after 11 attempted suicides in 2010 of Chinese factory workers at its Foxconn subsidiary facility in Southern China, planned pay raises for worker salaries are expected to jump by 20 percent. “Exactly when these raises of workers who build products for Apple, HP, Dell, Sony and others will take place has not been announced.”  Sears explains:

The Foxconn factory is located in the Shenzen province of Southern China and employs about 420,000 workers in this facility. Earlier this week, a worker ended his life by jumping off the factory building, and another worker who tried to slit his wrists survived.”

The new Foxconn "pay-to-delay suicide pact" between the Asian outsourcing electronics manufacturer and their young workers raises the question:

Hey Stevie, why not just keep the jobs here for U.S. teens who need JOBS instead, you know? Why stay on the same old auctioning human life off to the lowest bidder planet when the U.S. needs a boost? (h/t Mish.)

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